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  1. If you look at the bottom of the GTA4 official website, you can see there is a Xbox 360 Live button. I hope this means only good. http://www.grandtheftauto4.com
  2. I don't play MTAVC hardly anymore. I occasionally play MTASA. FYI nice name steal.
  3. Yeah, thanks to Brophy never replying on MSN .
  4. One more cheating gang down.
  5. Sloth, the only reason there are ads is because your not using the url: http://www.vck.ecwhost.com/forum/
  6. Yay, and with IPB! URL without annoying banner at top is http://www.vck.ecwhost.com/forum/
  7. Heh, that backup was fucked up.
  8. What are you talking about? You can play MTA with a cracked game. Most of us do. You can't however play with a cracked CLIENT, meaning MTA itself.
  9. Yeah Sloth, sticky our thread pelase.
  10. Sounds like some compition will be happening over online San Andreas. We got MTA:SA, SA-MP, and GTA:C (i think). EDIT: Where the hell did my sig go?!
  11. Imagine if Flare joined KFC? LOL.
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