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GTA / MTA Starwars Mod - MTASW

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If MTA:SA is the priority at the moment (and it seems safe to assume that MTA:SA will be released before Blue for VC), are you guys going to convert it to SA or wait for the VC release? I could see SA offering some advantages in terms of size.

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MTA:SA is my priority yes, but the mtasw team consits of many people not just myself, so work continues. And nope we wont be moving to SA, we have plenty of space in VC and the techniques, methods and tools all exist for what we wish to do, they don't for SA as yet.

We also hope it will shake some life back into VC after R*s phenominal release of SA. Many people still dont have SA, and those that do are probably, like me, still busy discovering all the detail it has to offer 'off the shelf' :)

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yes, we are really working hard still. we are creating the map with all the buildings and such. skinning is pretty complete. We are still hoping someone can help us by making stormtrooper and darth vader models. not to mention the millenium falcon has been a major team effort.

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so liek, theres another bit of the map:


that untextured plateux has detail beneath it with stairs that lead down into tunnnels for added depth :) The general shaping of the land is relatively quick, and other sections (like ones with just sand and no mountain face) will take about 20 minutes each. You might also be able to spot a tunnel in that rockface somewhere :lol:

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Update. More done to the details of the map and texturing on allotment A2:


Below is a shot taken from behind the mountain showing some tunnels etc:


Ingame shots should be coming soon, as well as a lot more flat sandland and the dunes :P

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thanks for the nice comments =)

ingame pics as promised:

wip media galery: http://brophy.mpanther.co.uk/media.php

or direct links (warning, big file sizes):





and 1 for njr1489 ;P http://brophy.mpanther.co.uk/media/b8.jpg

some things might be a bit changed, of course the smoke particles wont be in, i might scale the model a bit smaller and black dragon might edit the anim so that the scopes match the players eyes perfectly

edit, almost forgot, polycount is at 1159 and the model currently uses one 256x256 body textures and one 64x64 reflection map most probably ill scale the body tex to 128x128 as you see almost no difference in 3rd person

edit2, whoops, fixed njr

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Nice work Rebel. Being the most used gun (probably) you've combined detail into a nice neat mesh, and the intricate texturing has been done well also.

I just started on a mos eisley type of stall. The canvas texture will be replaced by a better one on my other pc. I will also add some nice little thingy bobs under the stall for sale :)


As of now you will only find me in the #mtasw channel


Also the start of Anakin's podracer:


(Higher definition textures will be used)

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R2D2 could be used as a rc car controlled by players to do various things. I also think that some servers should be dedicated to huge wars. Like 60 wookies vs 60 jedis and etc. And once you die you die and you can't rejoin the server until the war is over and there are joing times before the war. This could be used in regular mta too.

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i doubt very much that blue can handle 120 players at a time. but the idea of a server that you can only die once in till the server resets is interesting. something like that might be possible with an mtama script right now actiually.

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