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GTA / MTA Starwars Mod - MTASW

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After a conversation on IRC a few of us have decided to try and make this. It will mean new skins, vehicles, weapon models, sound effects, projectiles. But probably not new environments at first.

Cars - landspeeders

Bikes - Speeders

Helicopters - Snow speeders or tie fighters?

Pedestrians - Starwars 'makeovers', troopers, jedi, han solo, etc

katana - lightsabre

grenades - thermal detonators

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute in someform, be it models, skins, mission coding etc. The aim being somethign that can be used with Blue eventually, tho single player missions would be welcome too.

Should be fun. irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/mtasw

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We already have a few people skinning peds, and rebel will hopefully be making some of the weapon models for us.

We are also approaching the author of:


for permission to use his superb model, and to explore the possibility that he could assist us further.

EDIT: rebel also located this:


Tho we have yet to ontact the creator of it.

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littlewhitey's found modpack includes:

aat tank

This mod will change your Rhino Tank into an awesome AAT

Tank from Star Wars that has a working turret that actually

turns and fires rockets.

jedi starfighter

This mod will change your Skimmer Seaplane into a Star Wars

Jedi Starfighter.

naboo fighter

This mod will change your skimmer into a Naboo fighter from

Star Wars Episode 1.

rc anakin podracer

This mod will change your RC Bandit into a Anakins Star

Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer.

rc millennium falcon

This mod will change your RC Baron into a Star Wars

Millennium Falcon.

rc naboo fighter

This mod will change your RC Baron into a Star Wars Naboo


rc speeder bike

This mod replaces the RC Bandit with a Star Wars Speeder

Bike and includes a Storm Trooper rider.

rc tie defender

This mod will change your RC Baron into a Star Wars Tie


rc tie interceptor

This mod will change your RC Baron into a Star Wars Tie


rc vader tie fighter

This mod will change your RC Baron into a Star Wars Vader

Tie Fighter.

skimmer tie interceptor

This mod will change your Skimmer into a Star Wars Tie


star wars landspeeder

This mod will change your Bf injector and your RC Bandit

into Starwars Landspeeders.

sw epi2 swoop v2

Thies files will replace the PCJ600 Motorcycle with a

Anakins Swoop bike from StarWars episode 2,it also changes

the meat cleaver to a cool new green LightSaber and has a

new weapon icon to match. I have also added a new player

skin to make you look like Tommykin Skywalker(Anakins face

just didnt work with Tommys model so he got Anakins


sith lord mod

Thies files will replace the Angel Motorcycle with a Sith

Speeder, the Machete with a cool new Double Ended Light

Saber weapon and icon to match and your player skin to make

you look like Darth Maul .

this is an excellent find and will be sure to save a lot of modelling

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Some of the things in that modpack look perfect, the landspeeder and light saber for example.

I'm not sure about the episode 1 and 2 era items tho, we need to think about if we are goign to mix the eras, or do both seperately, or concentrate on the original trilogy.

Either way, the creator of each mod will need to be contacted unless their readme gives express permission to use in other mods.

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i was testing around a bit with simulating a glowing lightsabre per alpha texturing but its rather messy and needs alot of tweaking if its a way to go at all


in this pic it looks pretty fine but the global lightning of vc affects the shading pretty hard at different daytimes, at around 8pm the light was best so if we only use daylight it would be alot easier tho i dont think the mod will be only during daytime :P

vc has also some mayor problem with alphas, you can see this when looking at bushes or gates and you see the ocean or whatever is behind the alpha, same happened here:




this was all just a little test so dont consider anything as final or as a serious attempt :P

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Wow. I'm not sure if that can be fixed, but it looks nice. Thought about turning tommy into darth vader?

We plan to have a whole host of starwars characters, luke, vader, han, stormtroopers etc

whats up with being able to see through the ambulance?

Thats why rebel posted that particular image, to show the problem with the saber at the moment.

Slothman said:

we'll just call it "force sight"

Copycat :P

or we call it 'force sense' and bluff it

* rebel can already see everyone screaming "OMG SABRE WALLHACKER!!"

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Its inspired by Mos Eisley yep, although at that point blackdragon had only seen a rather distant overhead representation of the famed space port. We now have some much better images for him to work off to create more authentic looking environments.

Lots of plans, lots happening at the moment, Ill post a plans so far a little later so all involved who missed the discussions on IRC can keep up.

and remember, ANYONE who feels they can contribute, and would like to help, feel free, this is open to all.

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Here is where our discussions and brainstorming has got us so far:


Providing we get permission to use some of the excellent vehicle models out there, such as the x-wing and tie-fighter, modelling work will concentrate on creating environments to play in, and weapons to kill people with.

Initially this will be a small town based around Mos Eisley space port on the planet Tatooine, (Luke and Anakin Skywalkers desert covered home planet). Black_Dragon has begun to design buildings for this using some reference images we located, Johnline, another talented modeller, will also be creating buildings for this area.

We also hope to create a more 'outer space' environment where you can really go to town in fully armed tie and x-wing fighters, as yet we are undecided wether this will be connected to the ground based map with a suitably seamless game design to allow transition from one to another, or wether it will be offered as an alternative server option (in much the same way as deathmatch and stunt are currently for MTA)

Finally a primarily indoor area is under consideration, most likely the interior of Lando calrissians 'Cloud City', this has the problem (or potential benefit) that there is little coverage of its interior, just a few corridors and the carbon freezing chamber.


These will all be from the original trilogy era, Definately X-Wings, The Millenium Falcon, Tie Fighters, Land Speeders and Speeder Bikes (all of which are available for download, we hope to get permission to use these superb models to save us having to model them ouselves), and possibly Tanks and other vehicles as we see fit. These will almost definately be unarmed in the Mos Eisley Environment, as armed vehicles are just too devestating to ground troops. They will be used for rapid transport, and potentially Capture the Falcon, or similar.


Weapons to be converted currently.

Currently----------Will become

Flamethrower--------Starwars Flamethrower (yes, it exists)

Ruger or M4----------Stormtroopers Rifle

Shotgun---------------Wookie Bowcaster

Colt45-----------------Luke Skywalkers Blaster pistol.

Python-----------------Han Solos Heavy blaster pistol

All melee--------------Lightsabers of differing hilt and colour for Jedi and Sith

Grenades-------------Thermal Detonators

rebel has both the initial lightsaber and the Bowcaster well underway already.

Initial plans are for players to have a limited amount of weapons at one time, unlike vice city where there are several different types that can be held at once.

Either: 1 lightsaber, 1 Blaster pistol, 1 Medium/Heavy

Or depending on how we treat Jedi compared to other classes of player.

Jedi - 1 lightsaber, 1 blaster pistol

Soldier - 1 blaster pistol, 1 medium/heavy, thermal detonators

The shots and 'bullet traces' will be coloured suitably to represent laser and disruptor based fire as opposed to ballistics. Red, Blue or Orange, which ever looks best.

Player Characters.

We intend to provide all the 'big names', Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, X-wing pilots, Tie-Fighter Pilots, Assorted Jedi, Sith, Darth Vader, Gamorran Guards, C3PO (although who would be him in a deathmatch game is anybodies guess, I'm sure we will find a place for him).

We hope these can be 'created' relatively easily by skinning rather than having to actually remodel the actors. Slothman and Myself are currently working on various characters.

Force Powers

We hope to have these in a limited fashion, utilising some of the otherwise unused weapon slots we can create force attacks, lightning, 'energy balls', (as seen in jedi knight: dark forces 2), force grip. We can also lessen the damage done to a sith/jedi by blaster fire when they are holding a saber. Force Jump should also prove relatively easy to apply to certain players.


We are currently trawling through the standard Vice City sfx.raw to find every suitable sound effect and soundbyte we could possibly use. We hope that combinations amd manipulations of same may avoid having to attempt to import or use external samples (A simple Buzz deepened and with a little radio static mixed in may make a decent lightsaber humm for example). We can of course call certain sounds via scm on occasion, such as the Saber ON and Saber OFF sounds when switching wepons. This method is fairly limited however.


Sand kicked up by landspeeders, glowing jedi, electrical explosions in place of the standard flaming explosions. All of these should be possible, be it via scm's particle effects, (Much as we use it to create vehicle smoke and fire in the current MTA), or Blues own - Remember the eventual aim is to have this working under an MTA built upon Blues core.

There, I dont think I've left anything out. If I have then I'm sure somebody invloved will soon let me know.

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