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Hi, I had never skinned before so i gave it a try. I tried doing a darth vader skin and it is looking pretty good except i can't make a helmet and i can't design the front of his "shirt" without adjusting the back. Any suggestions? Also if anyone wants the skin so far just ask, you can have it.

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we tried making darth vader and stormtrooper skins. there is simply no way of making it look good without someone changing the model. that's why we are trying to find someone who can make char models for the mod.

we need someone to model darth vader, a stormtrooper, and a boba fett

they dont have to be high poly or really detailed. Any help with it would be greatly appreciated.

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just to keep the peope informed about whats been happening the last few days:

i have mastered the art of uvmapping, and have so far texture 5 of the roughly 20 buildings in the town centre mode. john has been working pretty hard at various things, and a few members are currently on vacation.

overall this mod is realy progressing at a good pace. I want to show you guys what we've done so far, but It's best that we assemble it first. perhaps a video in the future.

incase anyone doesnt know, WE HAVE FORUMS, so sign up and post comments/ideas :)

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we are spending a lot of effort avoiding that. we are not going to rip a single texture, model, or even sound from another starwars game. We don't want any jedi lawyers coming down on us. alll our game content will be original. but yes, that woud be sooo much easier. too bad.

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but how would you give us a starwars feel without the starwars music? most of the starwars gamemusic is the official movie music. Licenced and legal... I like that starwars theme... taa-taaa-tatatataaa-taa-tatatataaaataaa-tatatataaa.. hmm and what if you'd get the licence to use the music? would it be difficult to get one?

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i said we arent ripping off the games .the music is available in lots of places. (such as movie soundtrack cds, etc)

You can't use those either. However, I'm sure there are fan sites out there with "Star Wars-like" music that are more likely to give you permission to use it.

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I am planning on taking some sounds straight from the movie itself. that cannot be avoided, as making an accurate lightaber sound from scratch is more troube than it's worth. starwars sounds are recognizale , and a cheesy fan-made sound woudn't cut it. people woud sunconsously realize it was off.

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I am planning on taking some sounds straight from the movie itself.
That's just my whole point... the games allso have a lot of music directly from the movie.

Yes but they have licensed it so they are allowed to. I think sounds would probably be ok but I don't think music would.

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Sorry about the old mtasw.co.uk hosting, I can't justify the cost of maintaining it whilst otherwise offline unfortunately.

Good to see the project is still alive and well.

Although currently the new site states:

Site will be up soon

- MTASW Team

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