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  1. I only have a Geforce FX5200 as well which i run on minimum settings at 1024x768 16 colour. My Geforce 2MX (which recently kerploded.. literally) was able to keep up 25 FPS on all lowest settings. Plus, my processor is pretty crap, 1.4ghz pentium 4..
  2. How much would a server of around 30 players effect someone with an average(ish) PC..? With race mod and MTA 0.5 it killed my frame-rate a lot making it nearly unplayable Either way, the aiming looks spot on.. nice going
  3. Also, you can download this tool to close GTA:SA after a crash.
  4. =Phil=


    *edit* Mis-understood an earlier post. sorry =/
  5. I know i have an old graphics card. But it worked fine for MTA 1.0 and SA in single player. Oh, and ironically the crash reporter crashed..
  6. With MTA 1.1 the game locks up after about 20 seconds of racing, causing me to restart my computer. My SA version is 1.0 and my computer specs are: 1.4 ghz pentium 4 512MB RAM Nvidia Geforce 2MX I know it's a bit on the crap side but it runs SA and MTA 1.0 with no problems at all. *edit* Just found a similar thread to this one Although in my case it always locks up under a minute of gameplay.
  7. That's nice.. Any chance you could piss off now?
  8. If your PC can't play MTA:SA at a constant 25fps then you're at a disadvantage to those who can. That's why i always stick to servers with around 5 players in it. My PC can't handle games with a load of players.
  9. Well, i'm pretty sure the animals from zoo tycoon are 2D and can't be converted to GTA SA's format even if they were 3D.. Plus there's animations as well..
  10. We definitely don't have anyone called Jeff in SGB.
  11. i dare say it's the fastest way to have someone tell you to do unspeakable things to your grandparents.. well it happened to me Back on topic, I think you just need to aim ahead of people based on their ping and your ping.
  12. but.. you still look like prince harry
  13. I got a small problem with a mission script i'm half way through doing, where the player starts with two weapons (M4 and silenced pistol) but the models don't load and causes the game to crash if i aim or fire. This is what i use: 0247: request_model 287 0247: request_model 23 0247: request_model 31 038B: load_requested_models 09C7: $PLAYER_CHAR 287 01B2: give_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon 23 ammo 102;; Load the weapon model before using this 01B2: give_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon 31 ammo 300;; Load the weapon model before using this 01B9: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR armed_weapon_to 31 The player model loads up fine and he changes to a soldier, but the weapons don't
  14. I agree with ZzZ, it probably was some dingbat using andy's name.
  15. MTA for GTA 3 has some little missions like making sure a bus doesn't fall below a certain speed otherwise it kerplodes.. And for some reason the colours constantly change like a disco Also, there's no peds in any version of MTA. imo VC is better since there's more servers and players.
  16. =Phil=

    San Andreas

    there's also Bounce-multiplayer
  17. i saw his post in GTAforums and some idiot requested the thread to be locked because it's apparently "a skin without a coder".. Basicly, he's not had much help there
  18. The suspense is cool, especially if you look at the latest updates like being able to make your own maps. At least we know it's sometime soon.
  19. Is there a limit to how high the custom map can be? I'd like to make a track about 200ft in the air with no barriers
  20. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=218375&st=0 Clicky that link.
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