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We dont wish to have the naboo fighter however. And the hunter is already assigned to another ship. The only vehicle from the prequels that may appear in MTASW is the clone troop carrier, unless we find a suitable alternative from the original trilogy.

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You can change the handling so you can have more space vehicles, because i dount there are a hundred different land models.

Anyways, IRC doesn't seem to want to connect, but ill show you a screen in about 30 mins of what i'm working on.


here we go, it looks more like the central Mos-eisely, or Central Mos Espa, and it's very accessible - you can go all over the place, all sorts of vantage points, places to hide, passageways through buildings etc. (Ignore the blues and creams)




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Thats brilliant Vinny, you really captured the layout and styles of Mos Eisley. Even the way the buildings are linked together with arches looks right. Nice work, now stop making me look bad!

Bah, i must try using sketchup, maybe thats why I'm slow.

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Excellent vinny, good work. (Tho please do post thumbs next time, and links to the main images). That's more than a building, it's a playground. I can already imagine running around it trying to kill sith! keep it up :)

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Actually, a podracing track might not be a bad idea. Wouldn't be hard either, but would be massive, ill look up some screenshots to get a good idea. I thought there were going to be full size pods?

And yeh, we're focusing on OT(old trilogy) but Mos Eisely is in both, so the pod-racing circuit would still be there. But ill still wait for the go-ahead.

But what do u think of the latest screens?

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Full scale pod racing would require the entire map to make the most of it, and is also from the wrong era. I'm not ruling that out for a future spin off, but there wouldn't be room in the initial Mos Eisly/Tatooine Area. The RC Pod idea however could well work, A little like people use radio controlled models of classic cars today. So it would fit the era and would physically fit the area much more easily too. Nice idea.

Vinny, Sorry to hear of your continued problems with IRC but get over to http://www.mtasw.co.uk and sign up on the forum and we'll add you to the developers group. Will make communication a little easier.

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No, He's Boba Fett the bounty hunter. He was in episodes I and II but only as a child, the 'son' of Jango Fett, also a bounty hunter. Jango had basically the same clothing and armour, just a different colour, so I expect it is him you are thinking of.

A grown up Boba (who the skin is based upon) is only seen in the original trilogy

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Just semi textured to give an idea of the look. A lot of the inner detail is occluded, but I guess people can wait to see that ingame :) This building also has a cellar that I want to fill with secrets or team credits. Well anyways this building should be done eventually and then I can focus completely on the baseland mesh.



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'Lo again :D

About skins - once you got the rough versions, are you gonna make higher resolution skins, so they look more legitimate? Just a thought.

@Johnline: They look fantastic with textures! Heres a thought . . . you wanna do the textures for mine? Hehe, it'd be good if you could, that way you could get all the colours etc. right, and you can make our mapped areas blend together :D

@Turd: Dunno bout the ships in the dust bowl, it would be fun, but its outside the OT (old trilogy). But if they say yes, i'd say use the all the vehicle models, duplicated with blackened textures, layed down on the sand, and with random crap between. That should be a fast enough way of making it.

Anyways, latest screenshots ->


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