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{ULK}DeathB says:

so which do u prefer bill

{ULK}DeathB says:

a b or c

Mr.Bill says:

Im seriouse damn it

Mr.Bill says:

i'm using that thread for referance

{ULK}DeathB says:

lol tell me

{ULK}DeathB says:

which do u prefer

Mr.Bill says:


{ULK}DeathB says:

oh so u prefer the cock

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hehe yup I recruited kracka today cuz i saw positive in him, he doesnt talk shit much and justy laughs when he gfets killed, hes a cool player and he is pretty skilled too...look for him beating off in a server near u!
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The wall of flame... if this was kept clean I would sticky it

I did think about doing this.. but I guess someone beat me to it

oh yeah... to start things off

ADMIN: Laggy MrBill and his auto chaos V 'hide in the sky' prontera

Every body cavity must have something in it before you can call it pr0n!

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Damnnn... A friend of mine typed this in msn, as soon as i read it i knew it belonged here

Ill huff and ill puff and ill blow your head off:

i know how i feel after one bang, and two and three and four. but taking 5 in a row makes u paralized, so 20 would either make u pass out/die or blow the biggest whitey ever

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Irc -

hey guys

is it possible to play the MTA lan?

<^cFX-panthro> anyone have a server which i can have

<^cFX-panthro> i mean join

<^cFX-panthro> or know where i can find a list

a list of mta servers on your lan?

blimey, just how big IS it

oh 2 different people

nm, knew i should have gone to bed

lol dealer, nice :)

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