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  1. ... what a grand photoshopping technique.. thank god you continuously spammed the IRC with this masterwork of engineering.. now we will all die of laughter cause of this genius sense of humor.. dude, dont use lame personal family photo's for crappy photophucking. or at least make it funny
  2. and a lil followup: lol for me means like in msn = Ohhh why did you asked for both of us then!? Because he is humping me
  3. hmm, dont want to be whiny, but last time i was in a stuntserver doing stoppies against each other, we got to 8 mins or something.. with a pcj in the airport it's reaaaaaaaaaaaally easy, your biggest worry is boredom
  4. Hey All! I was bored, so I recorded the remaining fragments I had laying around and flapped them together. So don't mind the editing, it's just a compilation of clips (though I did strap some music to it). Anyways, the hardcore stunters will appreciate the stunts. My flip onto the stadium is in it, didn't see that one before. So anyways, I put it on my FTP for you to watch. It's only 6,57mb so that shouldnt be a problem. Thanks to wartech for the hostage: Rightclick here -> 'Save as' to download You can also try my FTP if ya want. It's fast and reliable, but I dont have it up 24/7, so it could be down.. Rightclick here -> 'Save as' to download So hope you enjoy it. Critic is fine, as long as it aint "bad editing" or something, cause it's uncut ;-P
  5. erm, i never said that? i am aware of the problem that the memory usage of MTA makes the replays shorter and that there's not much you can do about it. NoZero tried to find if he could increase the memory it uses, but without luck. though who knows what they improved in MTA 2.0
  6. lol. dunno if it's a smart post considering people already accused you of gloating, but it sure is cool reminds me, i still promised you a 1 on 1 match ;P
  7. I even thought VC was officially called GTA3:VC (and i wasnt the only one), but i guess we were wrong.. I mean, has ANYBODY ever heard of gta4? i sure havent but ah well, new gta is yay, mkay? i hope they'll manage to make a cool city though. it's hard topping the great VC 80's style
  8. Thargore

    The Vice Police clan

    ugh, a VP and VCP? how confusing..
  9. If you want to make a video of it you do. I heard there are some alternatives out there, but I haven't tried them, and I don't think they work any better than FRAPS
  10. isnt that just someone putting on a car on a packer that is not synched with the player taking the screen?
  11. heheh, nice. You gotta like Fearfactory i guess (it was fear factory, wasnt it?), too bad it wasnt synched or anything. Stunts were good, although most were not very original (perhaps i've seen too many stuntvids :-/). it aint bad at all, but it's just that im not very impressed, i've seen better. i'd give it a 7,5 or 8 or something. oh, but i would like to know how you got that effect in the second jump, at the stadium? cause i thought that made it look really nice!
  12. lol, bote.. anyways, screens are okay.. nothing spectacular though
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