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How did you get to MTA?


How did you hear about MTA?  

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  1. 1. How did you hear about MTA?

    • Played SA-MP, heard about it
    • Played SA-MP, looked for an alternative
    • Recommended/Word of mouth
    • Looking for SA multiplayer mod
    • Randomly stumbled across it
    • Earlier version(s)


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Some guy from a RPG server back in the days said he wanted to test MTA, told me he heard it was "better in some points", and asked me if I would also come to test. So I did, and I never actually returned to SA-MP, because it was pretty much better in ALL points to me. :D

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I played SA-MP, then heard about MTA when only race version was available. I got tired of SA-MP and MTA SA DM was released soon. I downloaded and tried it. First server I successfully connected ran team deathmatch gamemode. I didn't enjoy gameplay as much as I enjoyed knowing I will never have to use SA-MP to play GTA online. I had started making gamemode on SA-MP, but hadn't done much. Soon after downloading MTA SA DM I decided to start scripting on it. When I looked at code examples in MTA wiki, scripting on MTA looked harder than SA-MP, just like for many other SA-MP scripters. But soon I realized it's much easier. My first script was a very simple gamemode which spawned player in the middle of map. I asked for help here: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 91&t=22041 and soon got an answer. I was involved in MTA scripting :)

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Well, i first play one year and a half SA-MP on the Partyserver (I wanna SFTDM for MTA!!!), well first i hearth about it and give it a try on MTA: SA DM, only the first time i want to join a server i get the 28 download error, immetialy i go back to sa-mp, but now i give it another try i play MTA now for good and can't wait for MTA SA 1.0, (Hopefully without download errors... :D )

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I started in 2003 with mta vc 0.3 because my friend (who lived next to me) told me about it.

When sa:mp's first public beta there was a time i thought sa:mp would be better because they had a deathmatch mod released which looked very good, but quick after a couple of weeks it was getting very annoying already, bugs etc etc. Then this and this video came out and i couldn't wait any longer for mta sa dm so i continued playing sa:mp.

Then later i got banned for killing some '1337 admins' in some fair fights. They thought i was cheating. So there were no fun servers anymore so i started learning scripting in pawn just because i was bored. Later i opened a server on sa:mp to play on untill mta sa deathmatch will come out. (that took much longer then i expected, too long xD)

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  • MTA Team

I've read about MTA:VC in a computer games magazine back in the middle of 2003 (I've found out later that it was the time when MTA got the most and best publicity ever to date, even appearing on a TV - see this article).

Few months later in December 2003, after I've finally got an internet connection I've decided to try it out myself. Being a GTA:Vice City singleplayer fan, I was quite shocked to see how great this game was with multiple human players on the same server, even if it wasn't fully finished.

I kept playing it and about two months later I've joined the forums and got invited by Ransom to the VCP gang. After many e-dramas, it eventually led me to the first MTA QA Team in August 2005. Rest should be obvious :P

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I found MTA on a CD bundled with a magazine I used to buy, it was an early version for GTA3. You can't even call it a multiplayer since only 2 players could play it, on LAN :lol:. Getting it to work required advanced knowledge of sorcery and haxery, but it was fun as long as it wouldn't crash (usually after 5-30 seconds).

Then I tried MTA:VC, this time on the internet. Loved racing random nubs around the malibu club and doing stunts. Which is probably why I loved MTA:Race so much, I played it for countless hours. It's just mindblowing to see what maps people come up with (those who played race will know ;)). It's sad that most of the more creative maps were exclusive, since more and more servers are gone, these maps are gone as well. I just hope to see them again once 1.0 is released. This time the possibilities are truly endless so I expect to see some amazing stuff. :P

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I was always a console GTA gamer until I saw some of the modifications you could install onto the PC version, it was in the days of VC that I remember seeing the “Ultimate Mod”, if any of you remember, and started playing it. I traded in my console version for the PC and haven’t touched the rusty PS2 since.

I came across MTA when I browsing for new modifications to install and stumbled across “Online GTA”, which at first I didn’t believe and in fact the link was dead. I started searching over Google and came across a link for MTA 0.3 and have been apart of this community for nearly 5 years now.

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I dont exactly remember. All i remember is:

1) I was a keen GTAIII modder, i used to love adding new vehicles and at one point made my own "realgta" gtaIII installation, all vehicles replaced + stuff like Odie's stuntpark

2) I eventually did stumble upon MTA somehow. But what i stumbled upon was GTA3MTA. After trying to get this working, it was pretty poor as no one played it and i couldnt ever get a proper game going (even over LAN).

3) Since i had downloaded ASE for gta3mta (and from thereon used it as my main server browser app), and noticed the frequent updates for MTAVC, and the impressive playerbase. I decided to take a gamble and bought VC off of ebay for £20 or so (i think it was because i was too young to buy it in a shop haha) for PC (despite playing it to death on PS2 already). At the time MTAVC was at version 0.2 - (i recall announcements for the stuntmode in 0.2.2 and screenshots for it). I installed it and that's basically why im here (as for the forums and being a community member rather than just a player for several months, that was as a result of joining VCP...which is another story in itself)

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We reminisce too much for me to write a speech, but I am pretty sure someones signature at GameFAQs lead me to MTA during its early GTA3 alpha days. I was hella excited for GTA3 as I had played/owned GTA2 on Dreamcast. I was a GameFAQs GTA board lurker before MTA. I kept discussing on GameFAQs boards cause I really loved it. One of my most controversial topics there was that Sonny ambushed the drug deal at the beginning of the game and Diaz was innocent, it got like near max 500 posts. :)

When I found out about MTA, naturally I kept tabs on it. I played it for like 1 or 2 minutes with a stripped/hacked GTA3 gotten off P2P (I was a noob okay) and crashed. I saw GTA3 continue development now and then but wasn't too impressed or properly equipped for it (56k). I left until 1st Vice City was released. I don't recall playing GTA3 much. I joined VCP under Iggy as the leader and went thru the gangwars, hanging around the community and become a beta team/mod/whatever and that is how I am here now.

Here are some old pics, a few of which were main page news pics about beta tests: http://s209.photobucket.com/albums/bb21 ... _memories/

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Neat pics, Ransom!

I guess I had read about MTA:VC 0.5 somewhere else online and decided to check it out. Played it till ASE went blind, now I just improve it (along with GTA3:MTA) hoping that somebody will feel nostalgic and fix the server browser. It's kinda funny that I never played GTA3:MTA before I started improving it several weeks back to the best of my ability with what I've got to work with. Playing with myself is pretty repetitive.

There's just something about MTA 0.5's quirkiness that gives you a fuzzy feeling inside when you're playing it.

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