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  1. MTA:Race doesn't count as first, i meant the first fully working multiplayer for GTASA ofcourse. Then you could also say that GTA:Rumble or GTA Tournament was the first multiplayer for GTA SA. Ofcourse San Andreas Multiplayer has the name but i think the main reason is still being first at something. Also MTA had a big reputation already for years.
  2. SA:MP is more popular because of 1 simple reason; they were first. (2005?) They had a good start, and then many years later (1 jan 2008) MTA came with the deathmatch version (DP1) and it was still buggy after all those years of development. Now many years later MTA passed SA:MP on every front. Not all players would just move over after so many years, they got used to SA:MP and are very attached to the community. Atleast that's what i think. Though i am very impressed how popular MTA is today, didn't expect that at all to be honest.
  3. I've been searching on this forum but couldn't find it, but what are/were the arguments not to do a MTA:V / MTA:Five? Is it because Rockstar will force to put it down immediately?
  4. The Survey is all about paying i don't wanna pay! I MAKE SELF!
  5. I remember that video came out just 1 day after the first public beta test of SA:MP showing the awesome smooth sync they already had in MTA:SA. Damn i was addicted at the time.
  6. Am i the only one who read 'Scripter Needed (get laid ofcourse)' ?
  7. Could you add mine to the 'nice to players' list?
  8. Could you please add a built-in messenger to chat with other people who are using the tool at that moment?
  9. Thanks for this super handy tool, this is so great. [/sarcasm]
  10. That one showed only pictures didn't it?
  11. I'm having the same problem. My scripts also won't load. Note: i tested it with precompiled scripts.
  12. Hi i want to make my own GTA Multiplayer mod, where can i download the code?
  13. Congratulations guys! I'm very happy!! kinda bad video about MTA though, looks like they used old video's from older versions, kinda laggy.
  14. I remember watching this video like 50x when they released it.
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