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  1. NazcaC2

    LOW FPS loL*

    Alright, well, I was playing on Mr. Green's server last night for a bit and it felt really stuttery. Playing on XIII's DD server didn't illustrate this problem much, if at all.
  2. NazcaC2

    LOW FPS loL*

    I don't have low FPS but it doesn't seem as smooth as singleplayer. It's been like this for me since playing on Windows 7. Windows Vista seemed fine but with Windows 7, MTA seems to slightly stutter. I'm also on a very high-end machine. It happened also on my previous CPU/MB/RAM running Windows 7 as well. Edit: I might have forgotten that there is a FPS cap in multiplayer so that's probably what I'm noticing. I just played again recently and it seemed fine; that was probably it. Disregard the above.
  3. Engrish happy day! I can' Some people write today, the waiting of t which is seen, it' It is funny, but a certain thing s which goes. I' The people write d on response, or what like the fact that you see.
  4. NazcaC2

    MTA and SAMP

    Increase the number of META keywords since you've noticed mtasa.com further down on the results list. I'm just throwing out some ideas to get MTA noticed more. Call it what you want; these are just different approaches to the situation. Edit: By doing a search in Google and typing "gta san andreas multiplayer", MTA only appears as the third entry so really it's not that bad. ############## I presume people just check out both sites and decide based on visuals and immediate information. Given that the OP listed SAMP has more players is probably just a coincidence or because they were launched first. This is just speculation.
  5. NazcaC2

    MTA and SAMP

    In a better case scenario, just have a few domains set up for Domain Forwarding (no content per domain) but just redirect to mtasa.com. I've got a client with about six domains in order to attract customers who might type in different strings in search engines. It's a marketing strategy. Companies do it all the time to get themselves known if name ambiguities arise and if they have trouble finding a customer-base. On another note, companies also do comparisons with other companies products on their sites with charts with checkmarks. It's not hostile towards competitors.
  6. ROFLMAO. That's hilarious. Yes, it's been about two years since that was posted, but I just saw that now.
  7. NazcaC2

    MTA and SAMP

    On another note, I've got a pretty good idea in order to attract people who type strings similar to "gta san andreas multiplayer" into search engines - buy another domain similar to the name gtasanandreasmultiplayer.com or .info ($1 a year) and post a blurb about each and a comparison chart with maybe some embedded youtube videos. Nevertheless, we don't want to be accused of using a similar domain name so Domain Privatization (lists the domain's WHOIS as anonymous) would come in handy so there wouldn't be any finger pointing.
  8. Since my last reply, I received the Upgrade and sold it to a friend of mine since I was selected as a Windows 7 Launch Party host (got W7 Ultimate Signature Edition for free). And, currently, I'm doing a major rig overhaul - new MB, CPU, heatsink, RAM and SSD for the OS (below).
  9. Since my last reply, I received the Upgrade and sold it to a friend of mine since I was selected as a Windows 7 Launch Party host (got W7 Ultimate Signature Edition for free). And, currently, I'm doing a major rig overhaul - new MB, CPU, heatsink, RAM and SSD for the OS (below).
  10. That being said, why not have an Auto Update feature included in future clients?
  11. NazcaC2

    Crash Dumps!

    Here are a compilation of more random crash dumps. Apologies for the bump on this week's old topic. http://avalanchemedia.ca/other/dumps.zip
  12. Solidsnake: If you aren't aware, go to the start menu, then Computer. Go to the drive that your OS is installed, likely C: and find Program Files (x86). This is where your 32-bit programs are installed to. The majority of the programs out there are designed for 32-bit. Your 64-bit programs are installed to C:\Program Files\. If you don't want any 32-bit programs installed, uninstall everything that is in your 32-bit folder, lol (I don't recommend it). All in all, 64-bit Windows Vista/7 has no problems running 32-bit software. As borrowed from Microsoft's FAQ (http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Window ... mspx#EBBAC) - Can I run 32-bit programs on a 64-bit computer? Most programs designed for a computer running a 32-bit version of Windows will work on a computer running 64-bit versions of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs, and some hardware drivers. Drivers designed for 32-bit versions of Windows do not work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, it won't work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows. If you are unsure whether there is a 64-bit driver available for your device, go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center.
  13. NazcaC2

    Resolution Help

    I'm running a GTX280 (not ATI), John_Mark. You? In my case, all of the resolutions my monitor support are in the dropdown menu in MP. All of the resolutions my monitor support are also in SP. Pressing Enter on the resolution I want, applies it as intended.
  14. NazcaC2

    Resolution Help

    I play SP and MP @ 1920x1200 with no problems.
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