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  1. Well it's working now, wasn't loading earlier. Have you had any luck with any of my suggestions?
  2. Have you tried getting your friend to connect to your IP directly? Have you tried Port Forwarding? Try disabling your firewall. P.S. Your image seems to be broken.
  3. From what I can tell, this mod replaces San Andreas' map to what is called 'Myriad Islands'. The only current way to do this is to script the models and load them client-side but the download would be far too large and MTA's streamer wouldn't handle it. MTA cannot replace SA's map either. This was already suggested in the past with GTA: United, it is not currently possible but could happen some time in the future.
  4. Why would you want to? It shall return to functionality once it's fixed.
  5. @Arran Seven months is nothing, I guess you weren't here for the Developer Previews or 1.0 itself. I'm all for bug-related issues being added to the roadmap of 1.1, the release should be as stable as possible(not to repeat what happened with 1.0). It's new features that increase the workload.
  6. Use THIS batch race map converter by arc_ to convert your race maps into the required format for 1.0.x. After converting place your maps in C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\.
  7. If you've acquired it illegally then we cannot help you.
  8. Try reporting bugs on Mantis.
  9. What is your graphics card?
  10. Use GAME-MONITOR or Mabaco's External Browser until your problem is fixed.
  11. Which MTA version are you running?
  12. Scarface


    Try deleting GTA San Andreas settings file ("gta_sa.set") in "Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" folder.
  13. Scarface


    Are you perhaps running in compatibility mode?
  14. A: #care? Q: If nobody was around when the toad broke MTA, did it actually happen?
  15. Just a note, Towncivilian the only need to delete "gta_sa.set" would be if the game isn't launching at all. SkullGamerX is single player working?
  16. Scarface

    mta crash plz help

    Are you running any mods? So if you install again it still launches?
  17. Scarface

    MTA on Win7 Problems

    Are you running the application as Administrator?
  18. To disable compatibility settings manually for a program, right-click the icon for the program, click Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab and turn it OFF for both gta_sa.exe and multi theft auto.exe.
  19. Make sure that compatibility mode is completely turned off for both your GTA_SA.exe and Multi Theft Auto.exe executables.
  20. Maybe if you could be more descriptive and tidy your grammar then I could understand what you're on about exactly.
  21. Look who's here, the troubled brother. It looks awesome mate, good job. But, ours is better. ;P
  22. Scarface

    MTA crash!!!!

    Tried uninstalling that mod?
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