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  1. Hell yeah, to be honest, Multi Theft Auto is one of the software which are perfectly organized and opened, which make it ideal for developers/scripters I know tons of software, that are awesome at them own, but making scripts/addons for it, is a pain in the ass, because they didn't documented anything. You guys give a games a new life, without MTA's comminuty/documentation this game is dead.
  2. True that, I'm using a MacBook with Windows 7 on it.
  3. Sometimes people make mistakes, because they listen to people, without checking their sources. That's just dumb.
  4. troll'd four-mp is fake .. those aren't real players in the video but npc's created with a trainer. GTFO Real fast, first check your sources. You nub. They already released a (sucking) alpha. http://code.google.com/p/four-mp/
  5. Like you have a number of spawnpoints, and you want to spawn someone, on a random spawnpoint?
  6. Zadara

    The White Rabbit

    The Voice Of Mad? Who's Mad? Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland? Isn't it a quote or something?
  7. Zadara

    The White Rabbit

    Isn't that in the desert at GTA SA where also those satellites are?
  8. Go find more information about the White Rabbit, maybe there´s something interesting for you
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