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  1. Hi, or rather hi again. I've been playing SA for a while and it's pretty nostalgic. I remember all the time I put into MTA as well, and it makes me want to take up playing and scripting again. I noticed the last time I tried playing that a lot of players don't speak English, and the demographics are generally concentrated around Latin America, the Middle East etc., which can be a problem due to the language barrier and also just geographics/latency. For myself, I also find it hard to play a multiplayer game when I can't communicate with other players. English-speaking players seemed to be in short supply outside of pure RP communities, and I'm not particularly interested in RP. Before I put any real effort into coding and reacquainting myself with the APIs, I'd like to know if it's still possible to build an English language community around a deathmatch/other gamemode server.
  2. Patched this today, recoded all the script files to utf-8, fixed a small gui bug/warning and edited some text.
  3. This is getting a little off-topic. What would your ideal deathmatch gamemode be like?
  4. Personally, I think it's a little bit of a waste to copy the gameplay of a different game, which is why I never really bought into the whole DayZ-for-MTA thing, for example. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting project, I just don't see the point, since people who want to play "game X" will play game X, and not "random clone of game X in a mod for a completely different game".
  5. I'm kind of bored, so I thought I might try to get a server going. Does anybody like deathmatch? What kind of features would you be looking for in a deathmatch-based gamemode? I was thinking of one of the old formula; open world, small activities to get a break from the killing, that sort of thing. Is there any demand left for this kind of gameplay?
  6. robhol


    I got all bored and nostalgic and shit - MTA has been one of my best gaming experiences, but unlike 99% of the players here, I'm not a huge fan of RP or Racing. Is there anything left? I'm looking for a simple deathmatch server, preferably in Europe.
  7. robhol

    Andro script.

    Already supported, it just has to be scripted. Moving to scripting, this subforum is not for requesting scripts, but suggesting new features in MTA itself.
  8. I'd say that being ridiculously cheap, you'd be better off checking the wiki.
  9. robhol

    decent gamepad?

    I decided to play Gamecube games on my PC and bought a real GC pad and an adapter (Mayflash), works like a charm, even if the drivers are kind of shoddy. Before that, I used a Logitech Rumblepad 2, it's basically a dualshock-style controller for PC.
  10. Sorry, I got busy and lost interest. I might possibly release the source either publically or to a few individuals, but right now I'm too busy.
  11. It's not that easy to find new parts for a computer from the Dark Ages.
  12. The simple fact is that you WILL get poor performance when you play on a toaster, there's just no way around that.
  13. MTA works by injecting its code into the GTA process. Some antivirus programs see that as kind of suspicious. If you downloaded the file from mtasa.com, it's very unlikely that it's infected.
  14. Game-monitor has always been bad. It could take hours before it finally "notices" your server. (Og hei )
  15. Make your own scripts, or at the very least don't use stolen ones.
  16. We do not support "leaked"/stolen scripts. Also, wrong section for this language.
  17. robhol

    RolePlay Gamemode

    You won't learn by copy-pasting someone else's mode, and particularly shouldn't do so without their consent - which, if it wasn't clear, is not something we're fond of around here. Grab a Lua tutorial, skim the list of functions on the wiki just to see what you can get away with, draw up a list of features you want in your gamemode, find something that doesn't seem too intimidating and... code away.
  18. You won't find a free scripter, and you need to learn the difference between scripting and MTA development. Moved.
  19. robhol

    Auto Aim

    Yes. setPedAimTarget getPedBonePosition
  20. robhol


    You know, you could try thinking about this yourself too. The function name "getTeamColor" is pretty obvious. As for the city names, it's probably easiest to just make a dictionary with "Los Santos"=>"LS" etc.
  21. What do you mean, "reply"?
  22. Go for it! Oh, and post the article when it shows up in the news.
  23. Just so you know, 40+ is a little low for red. 40 is still a good ping.
  24. Use GNU Screen. screen -S mta to start a session, Ctrl-A D to detach, screen -r mta to resume.
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