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  1. Thanks for the messages about the resource being down, not sure what happened but I reuploaded the resource and updated the link. Keep enjoying chatbubbles as always!
  2. you should look up what "hosting a server" actually means. you cannot host a mta server on a mobile phone. if you mean you want to pay someone for hosting a server via mobile phone i cannot help yous, as i don't know any hoster which allows you to pay with your mobile phone, sorry.
  3. editor.conf in \MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\ <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server will be visible as in the ingame server browser and on Game-Monitor. It is a required parameter. --> <servername>Map Editor Server</servername> <!-- ONLY USE THIS PARAMETER IF YOU ARE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING - it is generally only needed for professional servers and should be left blank otherwise. This parameter specifies the IP to use for servers that have multiple IP addresses. If left blank, it will default to server's standard local IP address. --> <serverip></serverip> <!-- SERVERIP SHOULD BE LEFT BLANK UNLESS YOU ARE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING --> <!-- This parameter specifies the UDP port on which the server will be accepting incoming player connections; default value: 22003. It is a required parameter. --> <serverport>22010</serverport> <!-- This parameter specifies the number of maximum player slots available on the server; default value: 32. It is a required parameter. --> <maxplayers>1</maxplayers> <!-- This parameter specifies whether the builtin http server will be used. Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> <httpserver>1</httpserver> <!-- This parameter specifies the TCP port on which the server will be accepting incoming http connections. It can be set to the same value as <serverport>. It is a required parameter if <httpserver> is set to 1. --> <httpport>22011</httpport> <!-- If set, this parameter specifies the external URL from which clients will be able to download needed resources ingame. Otherwise they will download them directly from the server. --> <httpdownloadurl></httpdownloadurl> <!-- This parameter specifies whether the client files for hosting on an external web server should be automatically copied into mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/http-client-files/ Only relevant if <httpdownloadurl> is set. Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> <httpautoclientfiles>0</httpautoclientfiles> <!-- This parameter is deprecated. Please use httpmaxconnectionsperclient instead--> <httpconnectionsperclient></httpconnectionsperclient> <!-- This parameter limits the number of http connections each client can make. Depending on the type of http server that is used, a lower figure may reduce download timeouts. Available range: 1 to 8. --> <httpmaxconnectionsperclient>5</httpmaxconnectionsperclient> <!-- This parameter limits the number http connections that an IP can initiate over a short period of time. Available range: 1 to 100. default value: 20 --> <httpdosthreshold>20</httpdosthreshold> <!-- This parameter specifies what types of checks the clients should make to ensure there has been no tampering with certain settings. Values: 0 - disabled , -1 - everything. default value: -1. --> <verifyclientsettings>0</verifyclientsettings> <!-- Comma seperated list of disabled anti-cheats. e.g. To disable anti-cheat #2 and #3, use: 2,3 --> <disableac></disableac> <!-- This parameter specifies whether communications between the server and client is encrypted. Encryption can help prevent network data being viewed and modified. Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> <networkencryption>1</networkencryption> <!-- Minimum client version. Clients with a lower version will not be allowed to connect. After disconnection, clients will be given an opportunity to download an update. If left blank, this setting is disabled and there are no restrictions on who can connect. Version numbers are described here: [url=https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetPlayerVersion]https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetPlayerVersion[/url] and look like this: 1.1.0-9.03100.0 --> <minclientversion></minclientversion> <!-- Recommended client version. When connecting, if clients have a lower version, they will be given the option to download an update. If left blank, this setting is disabled. --> <recommendedclientversion></recommendedclientversion> <!-- This parameter can be used to make the server report to Game-Monitor master servers, allowing it to be visible in the ingame server browser. An additional UDP port needs to be available for this to work (value from <serverport> + 123 , so on a default <serverport> value 22003 the right port will be 22126 ). Available values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled. Optional parameter, defaults to 0. --> <ase>0</ase> <!-- This parameter allows you to disable LAN broadcasting. --> <donotbroadcastlan>1</donotbroadcastlan> <!-- If set, players will have to provide a password specified below, before they can connect to the server. If left blank, server doesn't require a password from them. --> <password></password> <!-- This parameter reduces the server's bandwidth usage by using various optimizations. Values: none, medium or maximum ; default value: medium --> <bandwidth_reduction>none</bandwidth_reduction> <!-- Specifies the location and file name of this servers unique private key. This is used to prevent private files saved on the client from being read by other servers. More infomation about client private files can be found here: [url=https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Filepath]https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Filepath[/url] Keep a backup of this file in a safe place. Default value: server-id.keys--> <idfile>server-id.keys</idfile> <!-- Specifies the location and name of the main server log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> <logfile>logs/editor_server.log</logfile> <!-- As well as the main log file, login successes and failures are logged here for easy reviewing of security issues. If left blank, this file is not used --> <authfile></authfile> <!-- This parameter specifies the location and name of the Access Control List settings file. If left blank, server will use acl.xml file, located in the same folder as this configuration file. --> <acl>editor_acl.xml</acl> <!-- Specifies the location and name of the debugscript log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> <scriptdebuglogfile>logs/editor_scripts.log</scriptdebuglogfile> <!-- Specifies the level of the debugscript log file. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> <scriptdebugloglevel>0</scriptdebugloglevel> <!-- Specifies the level of the html debug. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> <htmldebuglevel>0</htmldebuglevel> <!-- Specifies the frame rate limit that will be applied to connecting clients. Available range: 25 to 100. Default: 36. --> <fpslimit>36</fpslimit> <!-- Specifies the module(s) which are loaded with the server. To load several modules, add more <module> parameter(s). Optional parameter. --> <!-- <module src="sample_win32.dll"/> --> <!-- <module src="sample_linux.so"/> --> <!-- Specifies resources that are loaded when the server starts and/or which are protected from being stopped. To specify several resources, add more <resource> parameter(s). --> <resource src="editor" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="defaultstats" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="joinquit" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="mapmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="parachute" startup="1" protected="0"/> </config>
  4. i remember times when we still didn't have respawn back in MTA:Race... every race was a death race.
  5. i think all you can do is try to change numberOfGears using setVehicleHandling. however you sadly don't really have control about when the gears change.
  6. spawnmanager provides this exported function to do this https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Res ... npointSkin you need to use call in order to use functions exported by other resources
  7. try to stand close to a road and then use /path2 targetX targetY you should see markers appearing as well as a route drawn on the mini map which leads you to your target position
  8. you could save it to an xml file when you quit and load if from there when you join again. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cli ... _functions as long as the players don't completely uninstall mta the xml file should still exist later on
  9. Dark Dragon


    could you be more specific about this issue? does your system fulill the minimum requirements for gta?
  10. pfeiltasten, bzw handbremse halten + pfeiltasten wenn du um die z achse rotieren willst. einfach ausprobieren dann siehst du was ich meine.
  11. ich bin mir nicht sicher ob "resourceRoot" vordefiniert ist, versuch mal stattdessen getResourceRootElement(getThisResource())
  12. imagine a full 32 slot server where everyone leaves those lines behind in different colors.... that would be amazing
  13. die singleplayerm issionen und 2 spieler missionen von gta sa sind in SCM geschreiben, ohne die komplett neu zu schreiben kannst du die in mta nicht benutzen.
  14. normalerweise in \MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\
  15. versucht mal die gta_sa.set datei in \Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\ zu löschen
  16. different types of zombies. the left for dead series from valve does a very good job providing a wide variety of different zombies. you don't necessarily need to copy them, but having some more dangerous zombies than the usual "approach and attack" type would surely be neat.
  17. it's a minor issue with the way the killing weapon is found. when someone dies mta knows which player caused the death, but does not know what weapon caused it (there are a few exceptions, fire from a molotov for instance), so it just checks what weapon the killer is holding at the time of death. this way, if you kill someone with a slow projectile like a rocket it can look like you killed him im a completely different way, or in case of the parachute, if you punch someone to death whike having it selected it will assume the parachute was the killing weapon.
  18. ped bones are not the same as bodyparts. the ped bones are invisible points with coordinates relative to the element position used to orientate the model graphic. however setting the alpha of specific bodyparts might be possible, I'm not sure though.
  19. He's actually much more than just that. You'd be surprised how much this guy has achieved already. He's one of the good guys. Very capable person.
  20. It also says you were adopted, so that's funny too.
  21. horse actually tastes good.
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