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  1. no YOU make moar! nao! thanks ..so are you
  2. great maps and nice editing on these videos
  3. Huge map file (1,73mb) with a countless amount of objects, vehicles, markers and some peds ... looks like a lot of work, to be honest it looks like too much work for someone to release it just like that. My guess is he ripped this from a reallife/rpg server and now releasing it here. //edit: if you actually made this yourself, you have my respect ...but you should really not release this it like that, actually you should not release it at all, but sell it to someone with a server.
  4. i managed to translate your post ..so it's not a big deal thanks m8
  5. Version 2.0.0 released (first post)
  6. thanks Stanley, glad you like it
  7. @Makarov Yes i know it's a small map, but you have to keep in mind that it is ment to be a DM/TDM map. I'm currently have no plans to make a bigger one, but you are free to use my textures if you want to make your own (bigger) version. Thank you for your feedback. (please try to post in english next time ..translating texts with google is kinda hard. )
  8. SATAN


    thats looks really good too, you're doing a gread job with these custom models. (only the leaf-texture on the tress doesn't really fit imo) werde mal auf euren servern vorbeischauen um mir die maps anzugucken.
  9. yea you're actually right wow thats pretty cool, thanks for letting me know
  10. looks a little chaotic, but gameplay wise it looks like a fun map to play on
  11. (i'm such a noob for not saving the logo as a png) This is a really old Map from 2008 and it's the first time i'm actually releasing it to the public. Map is intended to look like an old aztec temple. Features: - map layout made to work well with DM or TDM gamemodes. - ambient jungle sounds - custom textures - some hidden passageways and traps (ITS A TRAP!) Screenshots: Download: -Download via Google-Drive (adfly - use this link to support me) -Download via Google-Drive (no adfly) This map is not copyrighted, everyone is free to use, edit and distribute it, without giving credit to me.
  12. SATAN


    thats pretty cool stuff right there
  13. holy shit, this is awesome
  14. v.2.0.0 released -> more infos in the first post of this thread
  15. SATAN

    Can't start MTA

    http://www.technipages.com/error-193-1- ... ation.html try this
  16. Just tested it ..... Much much much² better now, which means I might gonna start mapping again.
  17. I believe it is improved. See http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 39#p350437 Thanks a lot for your reply eAi, gonna install mta 1.1 tomorrow ...can't wait to test some of my maps to see if they actually look better now with the improved object-streaming.
  18. Kinda off topic: Haven't been here since last year and just wanted to ask if object-streaming has been updated since mta 1.0.3? (the "bad" object-streaming was the main reason i stopped mapping btw)
  19. You should also post some screens of the others maps, people need to see how awesome they are and how great you managed to make these maps look like the real ones froms cod.
  20. Bitte nich angesprochen fühlen einstein ..dich meinte ich natürlich nicht. Meinte eigentlich den anderen herrn dort, der da zuständig war.
  21. der nette herr unter dir Ja leider ..ich hätte gerne da mehr draus gemacht, mehr leute ins forum geholt und generell das forum noch etwas gepusht .. aber hatte einfach kb mehr gehabt .. zum einen weil ich nix mehr mit mta am hut habe und zum anderen, weil .. ich sags mal ganz offen, der herr der dort admin war/ist recht inkompetent ist und das ganze deshalb eh zum scheitern verurteilt war. D:
  22. You could just ask r3mp if you're allowed to use the modified snow ressource version, which was included in my snow valley map. /edit: textures lookin good so far, map design itself is quite unrealistic with these tiny houses next to the skyscrapers, though.
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