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    im gay and i suck cock lol
  2. It's probably Johnline's server hosted on his home computer.
  3. Or you could upgrade to a proper antivirus software.
  4. http://www.lua.org/pil/index.html You've got pretty much everything explained there.
  5. function GetPosition ( player ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( player ) outputChatBox("Your Position: "..x..", "..y..", "..z) end addCommandHandler ( "Postion", GetPosition ) You added an extra ". You should work in a text editor that supports syntax highlighting, which makes errors like this easier to spot.
  6. Steam (after you bought it).
  7. Also really long code doesn't show up when used with lua tags (or anything else other than 'text').
  8. Hope you aren't planning on using it on this forum because it's simply huge.
  9. The whole syntax is wrong. http://pastebin.com/U4AU2jUN
  10. norby89

    HEX to RGB

    Just in case anyone needs the opposite of this function: function rgbToHex ( nR, nG, nB ) local sColor = "#" nR = string.format ( "%X", nR ) sColor = sColor .. ( ( string.len ( nR ) == 1 ) and ( "0" .. nR ) or nR ) nG = string.format ( "%X", nG ) sColor = sColor .. ( ( string.len ( nG ) == 1 ) and ( "0" .. nG ) or nG ) nB = string.format ( "%X", nB ) sColor = sColor .. ( ( string.len ( nB ) == 1 ) and ( "0" .. nB ) or nB ) return sColor end
  11. It's also short for Ukraine, if there's a clan called US will you ask all players from the United States to change their tag too?
  12. Are you running the race gamemode? It's not a default feature.
  13. In fact that's quite easy to do: http://www.lua.org/pil/2.5.html tl;dr version: houseData = {} houseData[houseID] = {} houseData[houseID][something] = cake
  14. Moved to german section. If you wanna advertise your server in the other section, create another topic in english.
  15. setObjectRotation is deprecated, probably kept only for backwards compatibility, setElementRotation is the more generic way of changing something's rotation.
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    You should have said that in the first place, hopefully it will be fixed soon. I still don't see the point in having 3 topics about the same problem so please stay in your original thread. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=30830&p=332170 Locked.
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    Do you really have to create an account for each new topic you make? You have at least 5 accounts, stop creating new ones or you'll be banned. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=30830&p=332170#p332170 Locked.
  18. viewtopic.php?f=131&t=30514
  19. You go through each element in the table and check if the current element is the one you are looking for. NOTE: tables aren't sets, meaning the same element can be in the table multiple times.
  20. Sorry I was editing my post read again.
  21. Precedency, when you're unsure which expressions get evaluated first use paranthesis. "not string" will always be false
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