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Found 6 results

  1. Currently, I'm trying to extract the D_Modu function from the client.lua file within the freeroam module and use it within the TurfSistem module. The purpose is as follows: when a player enters a turf area (onPlayerEnterTurf), their immortality should be disabled, and when they exit, it should remain disabled. That's all I'm asking for. I've been trying to fix this for about a week but haven't been able to find a solution. The file path for the TurfSistem module is [umoKlan]/TurfSistem, and for the freeroam module, it's [umoKlan]/freeroam. Additionally, there's another script named exports.lua, which is likely left there for adding new exports. Just to be thorough, I'll include the code blocks for all of them. My errors are as follows: [02:56:06] ERROR: [umoKlan]\TurfSistem\exports.lua:2: call: failed to call 'freeroam:D_Modu' [string "?"] [02:56:09] ERROR: [umoKlan]\TurfSistem\server.lua:146: attempt to call global 'D_Modu' (a nil value) [02:56:09] ERROR: [umoKlan]\TurfSistem\server.lua:179: attempt to call global 'D_Modu' (a nil value) My codes ; The server.lua file within the TurfSistem module function onColShapeHit(hit,dim) if not isElement(hit) or not dim then return end if getElementType(hit) ~= "player" then return end triggerClientEvent(hit,"TurfSistem:onClientPlayerEnterTurf",hit,id) triggerEvent("TurfSistem:onPlayerEnterTurf",hit,id) D_Modu(hitElement, true) removePedJetPack(hit) if isPedInVehicle(hit) then return end local klan = getPlayerKlan(hit) if not klan then return end local data = getElementData(source,"TurfBilgi") if not data then return end local id = data.id local klanlar = turfs[id].klanlar if not klanlar[klan] then klanlar[klan] = 1 else klanlar[klan] = klanlar[klan] +1 end if not data.saldiran then if klan ~= data.sahip then data.saldiran = klan end end -- triggerClientEvent(hit,"TurfSistem:onClientPlayerEnterTurf",hit,id) -- triggerEvent("TurfSistem:onPlayerEnterTurf",hit,id) if not isTimer(turfs[id].timer) then timerOlustur(id,hit) end end function onColShapeLeave(hit,dim) if not isElement(hit) or not dim then return end if getElementType(hit) ~= "player" then return end triggerClientEvent(hit,"TurfSistem:onClientPlayerExitTurf",hit,id) triggerEvent("TurfSistem:onPlayerExitTurf",hit,id) D_Modu(hitElement, false) local klan = getPlayerKlan(hit) if not klan then return end local data = getElementData(source,"TurfBilgi") if not data then return end local id = data.id local klanlar = turfs[id].klanlar if klanlar[klan] then klanlar[klan] = klanlar[klan] -1 end end The exports.lua file within the TurfSistem module local D_Modu = exports["freeroam"]:D_Modu() --local player = player-- oyuncu değişkenini belirtin --call(getResourceFromName("[umoKlan]"), "freeroam", player, "02") function D_Modu() return exports["freeroam"]:D_Modu(player) end The client.lua file within the freeroam module. -------------------- -----Player Godmode----- -------------------- ozellik1 = guiCreateCheckBox(5, 30, 130, 25, "Ölümsüzlük", false, false, panel) guiSetFont(ozellik1, "default-bold-small") -------------------------------------- -----Godmode Function----- ------------------------------------- local D_Modu = {} function D_Modu() if guiCheckBoxGetSelected(ozellik1) == true then triggerServerEvent("Alpha_Olma", getRootElement(), localPlayer) outputChatBox("#0066ffÖlümsüzlük Modu #FFFFFFAktif", 255, 255, 255, true) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, nodamage) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, render) triggerServerEvent("Olumsuz_olma", getRootElement(), localPlayer) else outputChatBox("#0066ffÖlümsüzlük Modu #ffffffKapatıldı", 255, 255, 255, true) triggerServerEvent("Alpha_Olmama", getRootElement(), localPlayer) removeEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, nodamage) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, render) triggerServerEvent("Olumsuz_Olmama", getRootElement(), localPlayer) end end exports["freeroam"]:D_Modu() addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", ozellik1, D_Modu, false) function nodamage() cancelEvent() end function render() if getPedWeaponSlot(localPlayer) ~= 0 then setPedWeaponSlot(localPlayer,0) end end I'm awaiting your comments on the codes provided. Please assist me.
  2. Whenever I try to open a new project in the map editor or save a project, I get a message saying that the "editor_dump" is "corrupted" and I can't do anything
  3. Hi, I was programming my server using a tutorial. When I got to the part when Im starting the server I've got this error "Error parsing acl.xml - Line 28: Error reading attributes" Could somebody help me?
  4. Hi ! I just downloaded a simple script that puts NOS into cars when u hold fire. I wanted to make it so it only works for selected serials but now i get this error : ERROR : Loading script failed: nos\nitro.lua:17: unexpected symbol near ')' Please help ! Attached code bellow Engedelyezettserial means AllowedSerials engedelyezettserial = { [""]=true, -- NoOne [""]=true, -- Mili ["9BC41DB2DB129348886FB6A5603433F2"]=true, -- Jani } g_Me = getLocalPlayer( ); g_Root = getRootElement( ); g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement( ); addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", g_ResRoot, function( ) if engedelyezettserial[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)] then bindKey( "vehicle_fire", "both", toggleNOS ); bindKey( "vehicle_secondary_fire", "both", toggleNOS ); end ) function toggleNOS( key, state ) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle( g_Me ); if engedelyezettserial[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)] then if veh and not isEditingPosition then if state == "up" then removeVehicleUpgrade( veh, 1010 ); setControlState( "vehicle_fire", false ); else addVehicleUpgrade( veh, 1010 ); end end end
  5. Okey, so i have made a script, a logging script, it logs litterally everything, and has 3 exported functions, they are used to create log files, but for some reason, when i want to call them from a separate script using call function["exports.*"] it just throws me an error.["failed to call 'fall_log:createLog'"].I can use the functions in the same script["fall_log"], but cant use somewhere else, for example in "fall_admin-system", indicating, that the script in "fall_log" works correctly, so any ideas?Here's my call[every argument is valid, and not not, if it matters.]: exports.fall_log:createLog("This is a test","fall_admin/log.json") I still dont rly want to give out the script for fall_log, but if i really need, then okey.
  6. The actual error message is on the screen-shot: http://prntscr.com/e7hjeq I forked current release from git to my local machine. Then I've run everything by "Build instruction" from readme.md. create-projects.bat was working only with regular rights - it returned "System cannot find path specified" error when running with admin rights. I compiled this thing using Visual Studio 2015 Build Tools (with Win 8.1 SDK). As I have x64 Win I used "VS2015 x64 Native Tools Command Line" shell. After compilation it returned 792 warnings and no errors. Also I've created a .bat file for final steps: " utils\premake5.exe install_data utils\premake5.exe install_resources pause" Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue?
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