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  1. Yes, i'm coming with help. I'm an ex pro racer who retired in 2017, and i managed to get over 6k maps from 2paq Racing Server (Polish server) that existed from 2007-2020. Some of the maps are long, and have scripts, so make sure you remove include-resource from meta's of some maps, and some maps aren't packed correctly so just unpack it and pack it in ZIP. Here you go, hope i helped you: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xoucrhfh70p03f1/2paq_maps.zip/file. Don't let that bald FFS Gaming server advertisement get you, because it belongs in the other category
  2. This is an amazing effort done by SKC Vanilla staff, for making an amazing FORMULA 1 type-like event on MTA:SA - here are the video from the official race, they converted maps, they did scripts by their own. As a classic race player i'm proud of what they did. Tell me, if you like that also ;)
  3. SERVER IP: mtasa:// Hello! this is my first post, so don't bash me if I did not include most of the things. Also racing servers are not that popular - so you might show some support if you can Hello and welcome! I want to show you mine racing server, along done with [NKC]Pepsi [famous racing player] - it's Vanilla Race - it's not DD, DM or fun. It's race with checkpoints. Classic one Features: - ghostmode - transparent cars, so you will not crash - so you can make toptimes easily - carhide - hide cars for more FPS - carfade - Clanwar Script - never seen before Clanwar script used in Pro Racing. It's also used on the events that are organized on this server - teammanager - admin can create teams, for new created clans, to appear on "TAB" button Traffic: Traffic is not that great. The racing servers are mostly "skipped" by other players, just because sometimes for some of them, this gamemode is "boring". Althrough there are 2-4 players playing on the server, but when event is going on, and it's advertised on racing clans Discord, 10-15 people are coming to play, and having fun ofc. Maps: We offer high ammount of maps, made by staff, made by ex. Pro Racers & Popular people in the racing community [90% maps are not from MTA community website]. We also have the classic ones, such as "Bandito" "Drift" "LV Sprint". Also we have custom modded maps - what it means? It means that the map has itself "car mod" or "music mod" put into it. You can turn off music by pressing "M" button [for example] IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Never had server in my life, always had a dream having it - and now I have it - with my favourite gamemode. If you can play for fun on mine, and my friend server it will be great. We're feeling boring af sometimes racing alone, so show us some support [if you can]. Things to do in the server: - make map panel - to users buy some maps - create more events - there was plenty of them recently, but if you will regulary play, you might see the messages "reminding" about the events in our server, when you join. Thank you for reading!
  4. Witajcie! Szukam ludzi, do moderowania/administracji servera, który założyłem. Jest on serverem RACE. Dużo Polaków nie gra na race [tych co grają na RPG itp] - więc krótko opowiem co to jest: - wyścigi, kto dojedzie pierwszy wygrywa [będzie więcej skryptów, że np po wyścigu dostaje się kase, czy drift mapy polegające tylko na wykręceniu top driftu z wyznaczoną ilością czasu] - rekordy pod f5 - eventy - o właśnie administracje, czy eventy z udziałem prosów na scenie RACE [z którymi bardzo dobrze się znam] Można tam tworzyć również swoje klany/teamy - do wyboru do koloru. Server jest serverem classic race - czyli nie ma map DM, ale są za to mapy race, które nie są z community [2% jest z mta community] - większość jest stworzona przez różne osoby/nas. Skrypt posiada typowe skrypty race, m.i.n.: - NOS [nitro - pod komendą /nos [nfs, hybrid, normal] - Niektóre mapy z modyfikacjami [wbudowane mapy które mają zeskryptowaną muzykę, lub modyfikację samochodu] - race_league [skrypt do klanówek - pozwala na rozgrywanie meczów pomiędzy klanami - przydatne do turniejow] - [takiego skrypta nie znajdziecie, tylko na serverach gdzie jest pro racing] - autoghostmode [przenikające auta przez siebie - nie będzie problemu z kolizją] - digital speedometer [speedometer - który jest ustawiony w przyjemnym miejscu, żeby nie irytował gracza i pokazuje dokładną prędkość] - delay indicator [pokazuje - ile zyskujemy lub tracimy do toptime'u/gracza] Chętnie poszerzymy nasze grono administracji, jak i również graczy. Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry. Jako że są ferie, siedzimy w miare długo i gramy na serverze. Server jest też zareklamowany w Europie, więc czasami ludzie z krajów Europejskich i z Ameryki wbijają na nasz server ip servera: [24/h] Zapraszamy!
  5. Hello! Weeks ago I got some MTA:SA server. First of all - the name is Polish - because it was meant to be Polish server which would be Freeroam/Play. Now - changed it to RACE - and here it is! This server is a classic race server [race with checkpoints] [not DM/DD]. There are alot of maps from racing community members/self-made maps. Scripts are from most racing servers - it contain for example: - carhide - carfade - race_nos2 [you can type /nos nfs or /nos hybrid to change your nitro] and lot of other things to come! There are also alot of maps [not only maps from the current MTA release, and not downloaded maps from community.mtasa site] which you can play, make toptimes and other things! If you have a team, we can add it! Tell the admins! We will also have some events. As i'm known in the racing community, the upcoming event is an Enduro Event - on 10.01.2020. Enduro map - is a long map, mainly like from 100-1000 cp's or 100-300 cp's [you know, long races]. The goal is, to like in normal race, win - but you can get special prize for it - moderator, or other thing [we are still thinking]. Pro racers will also attend here, it has been announced on some of their team Discord channels. This server doesen't have lot of scripts. Just because it's very, very similar to popular racing servers nowadays. It's for doing racing Funwars/Clanwars also! You might learn some PRO racing, before this advertisement here, some pros are already playing on the server, so you can learn racing tips for them. The server now [before the advertisement] is active.e We had avearge of 5 players [without advertisement here] on the server - so hope it gets bigger! Join in! mtasa:// Thank you, and see you there!
  6. Thank you. I'll test it. The function is writed in the code, yah? ~Tak, Polak.
  7. I'm just curious. Is there a way, to remove spawned cars on the Play/Freeroam gamemode. For example: monster trucks at Grove Street with bikes, along with Buffalo near Ryder's house. Just want to include some modded maps onto my server, and I don't want cars to bug out [from custom map]. If there's a script to it, or a line that i can change in a code - can you sent it here? Thanks in advance!
  8. Want to delete the modification [Weird map I know, but wanted to try the imagination - i see that people don't like it so i delete it] https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=16037 DONE
  9. Hello again folks! I want to manage a tournament - league Race tournament played on Classic Race gamemode in MTA San Andreas - in a server called: uDka Racing [im admin on it] HOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE: - you will have map list - every team need to select max. 5 maps - minimum of members are 2, or 3 - maximum are 10 [still 5 v 5 cw] - there will be a site with the stats from the tournament - CW script similar to CS:GO games [you can insert team logo there, or flag - if you want your logo - send me!] YOU NEED: - have free time to play matches [if you dont have - don't worry - we can arrange match for another day] - don't abandon the tournament when you registered already - as said before minimum 2, 3 members and maximum 10 [for substitutes] How to register? * is optional - reply to this thread by this example post: *TEAM NAME - *TEAM COLOR [in #fff (fff)] - *TEAM COUNTRY [for example - if you're all germans - germany or if you have mixed country members - EU, but if you have logo you can send the link here or the pic, we will place the logo not the flag] - *MEMBERS IN THE TEAM - Description of the team - Last competetions where you performed - Server when the event will be: mtasa:// If you have servers, and you selected some maps from map pool - i can send you - contact by facebook with me: https://www.facebook.com/ku.bus.52035 I'll update post here - if max. 10 teams will register [add maps to select, and schelude days and groups] Hope you will register here Regards, [uDka]Jacob [previously known as: pashaBiceps, Dan]
  10. New Update! 0.9.3 2017-07-06 15:12:50 Removed calls to master server and fixed few issues. DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION HERE - https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=download&resource=10487&version=0.9.3&selectincludes=1 also, de_train is fixedS Server with that gamemode - mtasa:// [Serwer Eventowy Skadryla 0/20] 24h It still have some bugs btw anyone have some First Person good script?
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