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  1. download it here https://github.com/rivor/dayz-mta screenshots http://prntscr.com/heso7h http://prntscr.com/hesp1n http://prntscr.com/hesp9l http://prntscr.com/hespjo http://prntscr.com/hesqgu http://prntscr.com/hesqqz http://prntscr.com/hesrb8 http://prntscr.com/hesrhg http://prntscr.com/hesrqh http://prntscr.com/hessgx http://prntscr.com/hested
  2. SERVER NAME Dynamite DayZ SERVER IP mtasa:// Dynamite DayZ is survival mode for mta san andreas Features New Inventory Cut trees and base build easy Base furniture system Damage show pvp system Armour Helmet system reduce damage pvp and zombie fights Air drop system New maps Special military boxes military areas and SFPD New and unbugged Voice chatting system (Z) New Group System New animations Optimized Damage All Weapons smilar DayZ SA No Pay to win No VIP Easy loot and fun server GAME IMAGES
  3. Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|fb.com/mtabalkandayz[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Features: Clothing System English Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar u A51 BASES-FREE BASES FOR 5 TEAM MEMBERS+FULL TENT! NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy,CROATIAKILLER,JVJV Fb Page:http://fb.com/surviveordiedayz Everyone is welcome!!
  5. • GAMEMODE MTA DayZ [GK v0.1] • •GM simples e básica, pra quem quiser abrir um servidor -Nova interface (HUD, DEBUG, etc...); -100% traduzida para Português BR; -Personagens do Arma2 DayZ MOD; -Weapons do Arma2 DayZ MOD (AKM, M16A2 M203, DMR, Mosin Nagant, etc...); -Comando SVP desbugado; -Erros de animações removidos; -Novo inventário (No estilo Arma2 DayZ MOD); -Descrição de todos os itens no inventário está em Português BR; -Novo painel de Login; -Tenda de ADM configurada; -V.I.P Configurado; -Distância (Range) das armas modificado; -Dano das armas optimizado; -Entre outras novidades. •ATENÇÃO! Usei como base a GM 0.5.5 do Marwin (Deixei os créditos dele). A base do inventário é da GM a0.7.3. ( By: GhostKratos Z ) LINK de um vídeo mostrando a GM: DOWNLOAD DA GAMEMODE: Meu discord: GhostKratos#8792 Qualquer coisa chama lá!
  6. [EUROPE]Survive Or Die MTA DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] IP:mtasa:// Server Status:Online Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & TENTS FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS IN TEAM!! NO LAG STAFF INFO Server Owner: wlwl Server need moderators... Everybody is wellcome!!
  7. [EUROPE]Balkan DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: xTz Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. [EUROPE]The Walking Dead DayZ[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Base Buy Location is in BlueBery Green Zone!! In Game Buy Base With Wood Pile!! Small Base: 10 Wood Pile,Car Limit 5! Average Base: 25 Wood Pile,Car Limit 10! Large Base: 35 Wood Pile,Car Limit 20! Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. [EUROPE]The Walking Dead DayZ[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: English Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. THE ONLY PROBLEM OF FRIENDS FROM OUR SERVICES: Vehicles Upper Bottom Spawn Becoming VehicleSpawn.Lua I am delighted if my friends know how to help. hospitalPacks = { {-2670.87890625,636.8984375,14.453125}, {-2637.0556640625,635.03125,14.453125}, {-1515.669921875,2519.166015625,56.0703125}, {-1513.888671875,2519.5908203125,56.064819335938}, {-1528.8955078125,2516.724609375,55.986171722412}, {2022.1650390625,-1402.6806640625,17.18045425415}, {2042.7001953125,-1409.4775390625,17.1640625}, {-316.5478515625,1051.6494140625,20.340259552002}, {-337.9541015625,1049.490234375,19.739168167114}, {-331.5849609375,1046.037109375,26.012474060059}, {-307.0419921875,1045.27734375,26.012474060059}, {1171.490234375,-1310.560546875,13.986573219299}, {1171.609375,-1306.556640625,13.996350288391}, {1158.5048828125,-1326.333984375,31.503561019897}, {1159.80078125,-1323.9013671875,31.498970031738}, {1238.7119140625,328.2431640625,19.7555103302}, {1229.365234375,311.1435546875,24.7578125}, {-2204.07421875,-2309.58203125,31.375}, {1615.939453125,1818.0537109375,10.8203125}, {1601.9443359375,1816.736328125,10.8203125}, {1590.0166015625,1792.0234375,30.46875}, {1607.3232421875,1776.7412109375,37.3125}, {2107.7626953125,926.16015625,10.8203125}, {2116.12890625,925.7705078125,10.9609375}, {2122.1865234375,925.3193359375,10.8203125}, {3627.2453613281,1611.8269042969,13.31093788147}, {3631.6494140625,1612.3323974609,13.31093788147}, {3574.3569335938,1608.8055419922,13.31093788147}, {3577.861328125,1608.6048583984,13.31093788147}, {3611.8522949219,1620.6276855469,30.969223022461}, {3613.5842285156,1612.4018554688,30.948547363281}, } patrolPoints = { {2520.7131347656,-2105.6320800781,13.546875}, {-1603.2197265625,-2712.736328125,48.9453125}, {2465.748046875,-2215.55859375,13.546875}, {2473.439453125,-2215.56640625,13.546875}, {2480.0732421875,-2216.140625,13.546875}, {2487.24609375,-2215.5966796875,13.546875}, {2494.1005859375,-2215.5859375,13.546875}, {-1686.6728515625,408.9970703125,7.3984375}, {-1682.34375,412.9384765625,7.3984375}, {-1680.0263671875,402.3642578125,7.3984375}, {-1675.84375,406.4677734375,7.3984375}, {-1670.5615234375,411.8359375,7.3984375}, {-1666.2392578125,416.2509765625,7.3984375}, {-1672.7939453125,422.81640625,7.3984375}, {-1677.20703125,418.46484375,7.3984375}, {-2410.7021484375,969.9091796875,45.4609375}, {-2410.744140625,975.220703125,45.4609375}, {-2410.837890625,980.5302734375,45.4609375}, {-1329.3046875,2668.5126953125,50.46875}, {-1328.7314453125,2673.90625,50.0625}, {-1327.0185546875,2679.3876953125,50.46875}, {-1327.3798828125,2684.62890625,50.0625}, {1940.7099609375,-1778.5244140625,13.390598297119}, {1940.6552734375,-1774.908203125,13.390598297119}, {1940.630859375,-1771.728515625,13.390598297119}, {1940.7080078125,-1767.3837890625,13.390598297119}, {-1477.921875,1868.138671875,32.639846801758}, {-1466.1552734375,1869.0048828125,32.6328125}, {-1464.5224609375,1861.3828125,32.639846801758}, {-1477.4599609375,1860.5205078125,32.6328125}, {-735.9208984375,2744.0087890625,47.2265625}, {-739.0439453125,2744.2421875,47.165451049805}, {377.6953125,2601.1083984375,16.484375}, {624.5263671875,1676.25390625,6.9921875}, {620.2958984375,1681.2431640625,6.9921875}, {616.248046875,1686.4169921875,7.1875}, {612.783203125,1691.1650390625,7.1875}, {609.2060546875,1696.201171875,7.1875}, {605.8505859375,1700.978515625,7.1875}, {602.27734375,1706.3603515625,7.1875}, {2141.037109375,2742.734375,10.960174560547}, {2142.3115234375,2752.6982421875,10.96019744873}, {2147.9521484375,2752.3203125,10.8203125}, {2152.60546875,2751.953125,10.8203125}, {2152.984375,2743.85546875,10.8203125}, {2147.75,2743.7392578125,10.8203125}, {-97.6298828125,-1175.0283203125,2.4990689754486}, {-90.74609375,-1177.853515625,2.2021217346191}, {-84.75390625,-1163.853515625,2.3359375}, {-91.5771484375,-1160.5732421875,2.4453125}, {-1606.525390625,-2717.2138671875,48.9453125}, {-1609.7109375,-2721.544921875,48.9453125}, {-1599.83203125,-2708.302734375,48.9453125}, {-2246.314453125,-2558.8212890625,32.0703125}, {-2241.3125,-2561.3662109375,32.0703125}, {-1132.2880859375,-135.0986328125,14.14396572113}, {-1153.529296875,-156.373046875,14.1484375}, {-1142.826171875,-145.67578125,14.14396572113}, {655.611328125,-557.9912109375,16.501491546631}, {655.6572265625,-572.1728515625,16.501491546631}, {1601.791015625,2203.90625,11.060997009277}, {1596.806640625,2203.4345703125,10.8203125}, {1590.197265625,2203.4853515625,10.8203125}, {1589.4775390625,2195.43359375,10.8203125}, {1596.125,2194.294921875,10.8203125}, {1601.6591796875,2194.3369140625,10.8203125}, {2206.8466796875,2470.47265625,10.8203125}, {2206.94140625,2474.75,10.8203125}, {2206.9267578125,2478.86328125,10.8203125}, {2198.06640625,2480.6953125,10.8203125}, {2197.541015625,2475.791015625,10.995170593262}, {2197.609375,2471.9169921875,10.995170593262}, {2120.8251953125,915.4833984375,10.8203125}, {2115.1181640625,915.44140625,10.8203125}, {2109.076171875,915.4228515625,10.8203125}, {2109.22265625,924.8779296875,10.9609375}, {2114.9404296875,924.8857421875,10.9609375}, {2119.5126953125,925.2861328125,10.9609375}, {2645.7197265625,1112.7802734375,10.8203125}, {2639.984375,1112.56640625,10.8203125}, {2634.828125,1112.3466796875,10.9609375}, {2634.1826171875,1101.9482421875,10.8203125}, {2636.7509765625,1101.6748046875,10.8203125}, {2643.5126953125,1101.81640625,10.8203125}, {2209.576171875,2469.8251953125,10.8203125}, {2208.8310546875,2475.09375,10.8203125}, {1005.078125,-901.7490234375,42.216625213623}, {993.025390625,-902.474609375,42.222496032715}, {5008.126953125,1560.744140625,13.10000038147}, {5008.1279296875,1555.7972412109,13.10000038147}, {5008.1284179688,1550.7982177734,13.10000038147}, {4998.8671875,1550.8525390625,13.246732711792}, {4998.8681640625,1555.8785400391,13.246732711792}, {4998.8671875,1560.8095703125,13.246732711792}, {4966.916015625,1542.7683105469,13.10000038147}, {4961.7739257813,1542.7672119141,13.10000038147}, {5071.2485351563,2247.4665527344,13.10000038147}, {5064.0234375,2247.4665527344,13.10000038147}, {5120.9130859375,2402.0034179688,13.31875038147}, {5122.4453125,2407.8967285156,13.30312538147}, } lootItems = { ["hospital"] = { {"medkit",2891,0.7,0}, {"heatpack",1576,1,0}, {"bint",1578,0.5,0}, {"morphine",1579,1,0}, {"blood_bag",1580,1,0}, {"painkiller",1580,1,0}, -- {"antia",1580,1,0}, -- {"antib",1580,1,0}, {"antic",1580,1,0}, }, } function updateHospitals () for i,box in pairs(hospitalCol) do for _,items in ipairs(lootItems["hospital"]) do setElementData(hospitalCol,items[1],math.random(1,5)) end end setTimer(updateHospitals,3600000,1) end hospitalCol = {} function createHospitalPacks() number1 = 0 for i,box in ipairs(hospitalPacks) do number1 = number1+1 local x,y,z = box[1],box[2],box[3] object = createObject(1558,x,y,z,nil,nil,nil) hospitalCol = createColSphere(x,y,z,2) setElementData(hospitalCol,"parent",object) setElementData(hospitalCol,"hospitalbox",true) setElementData(hospitalCol,"MAX_Slots",100) for _,items in ipairs(lootItems["hospital"]) do local randomNumber = math.random(1,10) if randomNumber >= 2 then setElementData(hospitalCol,items[1],math.random(1,5)) end end end setTimer(updateHospitals,3600000,1) end createHospitalPacks() for i,patrol in ipairs(patrolPoints) do local x,y,z = patrol[1],patrol[2],patrol[3] patrolCol = createColSphere(x,y,z,3) setElementData(patrolCol,"patrolstation",true) end function notifyAboutExplosion2() -- vx,vy,vz = getElementPosition(source) for i,player in pairs(getVehicleOccupants(source)) do -- px,py,pz = getElementPosition(player) -- local pdistance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( vx,vy,vz,px,py,pz ) -- if pdistance < 4 then if not getElementData(player,"dontBlow") then triggerEvent("kilLDayZPlayer",player) end end end addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), notifyAboutExplosion2) function exitVehicle(thePlayer) if getElementData(source,"derby") then return end speedx, speedy, speedz = getElementVelocity(source) if getElementHealth(source) <= 300 and (math.sqrt(speedx^2 + speedy^2 + speedz^2))*180 > 50 then setElementData(thePlayer,"dontBlow",true) setTimer(setElementData,4000,1,thePlayer,"dontBlow",false) end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartExit", getRootElement(), exitVehicle) function onPlayerEnterDayzVehicle(veh,seat) triggerEvent("onPlayerDropDead",source,source,getElementData(source,"deadBody")) col = getElementData(veh,"parent") local needengine = (getElementData(col,"maxEngine_inVehicle") or 1) local needtires = (getElementData(col,"maxTire_inVehicle") or 4) local needparts = (getElementData(col,"maxParts_inVehicle") or 1) if not isElement(col) then col = createColSphere(0,0,0,2.5) attachElements ( col, veh, 0, 0, 0 ) setElementData(col,"parent",veh) setElementData(veh,"parent",col) setElementData(col,"vehicle",true) setElementData(col,"colSize",2.5) setElementData(col,"MAX_Slots",50) setElementData(col,"maxTire_inVehicle",4) setElementData(col,"maxEngine_inVehicle",1) setElementData(col,"maxParts_inVehicle",1) setElementData(col,"Tire_inVehicle",4) setElementData(col,"Engine_inVehicle",1) setElementData(col,"Parts_inVehicle",1) setElementData(col,"spawn_x",0) setElementData(col,"spawn_y",0) setElementData(col,"spawn_z",10) setElementData(col,"defuel",0.2) setElementData(col,"maxfuel",60) setElementData(col,"fuel",54) setElementData(col,"tableSpawn","Civil_spawns") setElementData(col,"tableID","Civil_car") end col = getElementData(veh,"parent") if getVehicleType(veh) == "BMX" then setElementData(col,"maxTire_inVehicle",0) setElementData(col,"maxEngine_inVehicle",0) setElementData(col,"maxParts_inVehicle",0) setElementData(col,"Tire_inVehicle",0) setElementData(col,"Engine_inVehicle",0) setElementData(col,"Parts_inVehicle",0) setVehicleEngineState ( veh, true ) end if (getElementData(col,"Tire_inVehicle") < needtires or getElementData(col,"Engine_inVehicle") < needengine or getElementData(col,"Parts_inVehicle") < needparts or getElementData(col,"fuel") <= 0) and getVehicleType(veh) ~= "BMX" then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) else if seat == 0 then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, true ) -- bindKey(source,"k","down",setEngineStateByPlayer) end end if seat == 0 and not getElementData(veh,"repairer") then setElementFrozen(veh, false) end if not getElementData(source, "inBase") and not getElementData(veh,"event") then setVehicleDamageProof( veh, false ) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), onPlayerEnterDayzVehicle ) function onPlayerExitDayzVehicle(veh,seat) if getElementData(source, "inBase") and seat == 0 then rx,ry,rz = getElementRotation(veh) setElementRotation(veh,0,0,rz) setElementFrozen ( veh, true ) setVehicleDamageProof( veh, true ) elseif not getElementData(source, "inBase") and not getElementData(veh,"event") then setVehicleDamageProof( veh, false ) end if seat == 0 then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) -- unbindKey(source,"k","down",setEngineStateByPlayer) end weapSlot = getPedWeaponSlot(source) if getElementData(source,"currentweapon_1") and getElementData(source,"currentweapon_1") ~= 0 and (weapSlot == 5 or weapSlot == 6 or weapSlot == 3 ) then triggerEvent("onPlayerRearmWeapon",source,getElementData(source,"currentweapon_1"),true,false,false) elseif getElementData(source,"currentweapon_2") and getElementData(source,"currentweapon_2") ~= 0 and (weapSlot == 2 or weapSlot == 4 or weapSlot == 8 ) then triggerEvent("onPlayerRearmWeapon",source,getElementData(source,"currentweapon_2"),false,true,false) elseif getElementData(source,"currentweapon_3") and getElementData(source,"currentweapon_3") ~= 0 then triggerEvent("onPlayerRearmWeapon",source,getElementData(source,"currentweapon_3"),false,false,true) end setElementData(source,"dontKill",false) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), onPlayerExitDayzVehicle ) function setVehiclesFuelPerMinute () for i,veh in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if getVehicleEngineState(veh) == true then if getVehicleOccupant(veh) then local col = getElementData(veh,"parent") if getElementData(col,"fuel") > 0 then setElementData(col,"fuel",getElementData(col,"fuel")-getElementData(col,"defuel")) else if getVehicleType(veh) ~= "BMX" then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) else setVehicleDamageProof(veh, true ) end end else setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) end end end end setTimer(setVehiclesFuelPerMinute,15000,0) repairTimer = {} function repairVehicle (veh) local health = math.floor(100-getElementHealth(veh)/10) if health == 0 then health = 1 end setPedAnimation(source,false) repairTimer[veh] = setTimer(fixVehicleDayZ,1100,health,veh,source) setElementFrozen (veh,true) setVehicleDamageProof(veh,true) setElementData(veh,"repairer",source) setElementData(source,"repairingvehicle",veh) setElementData(source,"repairinghp",health) setPedAnimation (source,"SCRATCHING","sclng_r",-1,true,false,false,true) setElementData(source,"isAniming",true) triggerClientEvent (source, "displayClientInfo", source,"Vehicle","Tamir etmeye başladım "..getVehicleName(veh),22,255,0) bindKey(source, "w", "down", playerPressedKey) bindKey(source, "a", "down", playerPressedKey) bindKey(source, "s", "down", playerPressedKey) bindKey(source, "d", "down", playerPressedKey) end addEvent("repairVehicle",true) addEventHandler("repairVehicle",getRootElement(),repairVehicle) function fixVehicleDayZ(veh,player) repairHp = getElementData(player,"repairinghp") setElementHealth(veh,1000-repairHp*10) setElementData(player,"repairinghp",repairHp - 1) if getElementData(player,"repairinghp") == 0 then setElementHealth(veh,1000) fixVehicle (veh) killTimer(repairTimer[veh]) repairTimer[veh] = false setPedAnimation(player,false) setElementData(player,"isAniming",false) setElementFrozen (veh,false) setVehicleDamageProof(veh,false) setElementData(veh,"repairer",false) setElementData(player,"repairingvehicle",false) triggerClientEvent (player, "displayClientInfo", player,"Vehicle","Вы закончили чинить "..getVehicleName(veh),22,255,0) unbindKey(player, "w", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(player, "a", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(player, "s", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(player, "d", "down", playerPressedKey) end end function stopFixxingWhileMoving(presser) local veh = getElementData(presser,"repairingvehicle") if isElement(veh) then setPedAnimation(presser) setElementData(presser,"isAniming",false) setElementFrozen (veh,false) setVehicleDamageProof(veh,false) setElementData(veh,"repairer",false) setElementData(presser,"repairinghp",0) setElementData(presser,"repairingvehicle",false) triggerClientEvent (presser, "displayClientInfo", presser,"Vehicle","Вы остановили починку "..getVehicleName(veh),255,22,0) killTimer(repairTimer[veh]) repairTimer[veh] = false unbindKey(presser, "w", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(presser, "a", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(presser, "s", "down", playerPressedKey) unbindKey(presser, "d", "down", playerPressedKey) end end addEvent("onClientMovesWhileAnimation",true) addEventHandler("onClientMovesWhileAnimation",getRootElement(),stopFixxingWhileMoving) function debugFixxing() local veh = getElementData(source,"repairingvehicle") if isElement(veh) then killTimer(repairTimer[veh]) repairTimer[veh] = false setElementFrozen (veh,false) setElementData(veh,"repairer",false) setVehicleDamageProof(veh,false) setTimer(setVehicleDamageProof,1100,2,veh,false) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(),debugFixxing) function playerPressedKey(presser) stopFixxingWhileMoving(presser) end addEvent("onStopRepair",true) addEventHandler("onStopRepair",getRootElement(),playerPressedKey) function setEngineStateByPlayer (playersource) local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle (playersource) if isElement(veh) then local col = getElementData(veh,"parent") if getVehicleType(veh) ~= "BMX" and getElementData(col,"fuel") > 0 then setVehicleEngineState (veh, not getVehicleEngineState(veh)) if getVehicleEngineState(veh) == true then triggerClientEvent (playersource, "displayClientInfo", playersource,"Vehicle","Motor вкл!",22,255,0) else triggerClientEvent (playersource, "displayClientInfo", playersource,"Vehicle","Motor выкл!",255,22,0) end end end end
  11. Hello, in this ad I would like to encourage you to visit the GS-DayZ server. ►Three types of new weapons: L85A2 Holo | PKM | M4A1 Tactical◄ ►An extensive player panel available under the F3 key, which allows, among other things, to change the rendering of the world and change the maximum amount of FPS◄ ►GPS Channel allowing for alliance between groups, enabling sharing in one chat◄ ►A new group system that allows you to add a group description, etc.◄ ►Two New System Events◄ ►Handlings Sports Cars◄ ►Four new object military◄ ►Hitmarker with characteristic sound when you hit enemy◄ ►GlobalChat with Rangs for Alivetime Total and KD Ratio◄ ►Message about the exact amount of damage inflicted on the enemy at the bottom of the screen◄ ►TAB containing Total Murders (TM) Total Deaths (TD) and KD Ratio◄ ►Information panel in Polish and English available under F4◄ ►Notifications on the middle of the screen◄ ►New improved Login Panel◄ »Server Name: GameShark DayZ »Adress IP: mtasa:// »Slots: 40 »Gamemode: GS-DayZ v0.2
  12. Boa noite, alguém poderia me ajudar com um problema que estou enfrentando em um servidor de DayZ que estou fazendo. O problema e que o fps limit do servidor está em 99, o jogo esta rodando tranquilo mas quando pego um veículo através do painel de administrador o fps cai pra 30 dentro de qualquer carro/moto alguém sabe o que pode ta acontecendo para o fps cair para 30 ? Estou hospedando o servidor em casa mesmo pois estou apenas fazendo testes.
  13. Hello, I'm working on a DayZ server and am experiencing the following problem. The fps limit of the server is at 99, that way the game runs okay but when I get into a fps vehicle for 30, does anyone know what can make this happen? Sorry, my english is not very good
  14. (ServerOutput: Sorry, server log doesnt exist. Please check your configuration files and scripts for problems or syntax errors and ensure that the server is running.) that message play with host consol and i dont under stand what is that problem
  15. When I abandoned the main weapon and then wore it, the secondary weapon would hold up automatically. help me please! sorry if use english wrong
  16. Hi! I wanna to invite you server GS-DayZ! × New Hitbox and HitMarker × × Panel F3 - you can change fps limit on this - × × Radar on Area × × New Refresh loot (no lags) × × Anty Copy items × × New DebugMonitor. × × Information Damage attacker. × × And More! × [►] IP Server: mtasa:// [►] Gamemode: DayZ [►] Slots: x/50 [►] Forum: http://gameshark.pl (prace) [►] TS3: ts.gameshark.pl (prace)
  17. [EUROPE][Pro Chile] DayZ StandAlone[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Clothing System On Login Panel English GPS System with code Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Airdrops 60+ Weapons Staffs: Admin: Exodus Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. BlueBoy

    Balkan DayZ

    Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|fb.com/mtabalkandayz[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Svi su dobro dosli! Features: Clothing System English Apocalypse Map Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar u A51 Ostrva BAZE & BESPLATNA BAZA ZA TIM KOJI IMA 5 CLANOVA NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy INFO: Fb Page:fb.com/mtabalkandayz Owner's Skype: armin.gerina1 SVI SU DOBRO DOSLI! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Caut gamemode-ul RomaniaZ sau alt gamemode de mta dayz fără buguri !?! cine poate să imi oferă gamemode romaniaz sau alt gamemode original fără buguri să fie tot .lua va primi răsplată ?!?! I'm looking for the RomaniaZ gamemode or other gamemode of mta dayz without bugs! who can offer me gamemode romaniaz or other original gamemode without bugs to be all. will receive a reward?!?!
  20. addCommandHandler("mask",function(player,cmd,maskName) for c,mask in pairs(maskTable)do if string.lower(mask[1]) == maskName then setElementData(player,mask[3],true) triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart",player,"| MASK |#FFFFFF /mask "..mask[1].." "..mask[2].."!",50,255,50) return end end triggerClientEvent("onRollMessageStart",player,"#f84300| ERRO | Digite: /mask [1 á 6]",248,67,0) end) maskTable = { {'1','Mask Stylo 1','MaskStylo1'}, {'2','Mask Stylo 2','MaskStylo2'}, {'3','Mask Stylo 3','MaskStylo3'}, {'4','Mask Stylo 4','MaskStylo4'}, {'5','Mask Stylo 5','MaskStylo5'}, {'6','Mask Stylo 6','MaskStylo6'}, } Boa noite, tava querendo uma ajuda com o sistema de mascara, quando o jogador digitar /mask 1 a mascara que ele estiver usando... Exemplo: dei /mask 1 e quero ir vendo as mascaras ai digito /mask 2 ai a mascara 1 tem que sumir e aparecer a mascara 2 alguem pode me da uma ideia de como posso ta fazendo isso ?
  21. Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|fb.com/mtabalkandayz[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome! Features: Clothing System English Apocalypse Map Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar at A51 Islands BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy INFO: Fb Page:fb.com/mtabalkandayz Owner's Skype: armin.gerina1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. el problema es que cuando tengo la munición en el inventario, la arma se pone sin necesidad de tenerla. osea se crean en la espalda del personaje y la pueden usar sin tener en el inventario. alguien sabe una solución gracias por el apoyo
  23. When I go to open the game, this error appears "GTA San Andreas may not have started correctly. Do you want to close it?". I already reinstalled the GTA and the MTA, the error continued. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/755758093
  24. Cola ai galera Server "PVP" com tendas full no aeroporto de LV, venda de bases e vip, EnfusionZ| Creditos GhostKratos, iSantista, Supriload IP: mtasa:// TS3 (Duvidas) : EnfusionBR.bbhost.com.br:9061
  25. WWW page: http://dayz-polska.tk Servers trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsLiUUzCWsY&t DayZ-POLSKA - PRESENTS - MTA:DayZ Are you bored with the constant chase for the players because the server didnt offer anything new? Do you want to feel the real climate DayZ on platform MTA for GTA: San Andreas? We have a new server for you that is opening on 28.04.2017y! The new, extended map is waiting for you. Not only edited game locations (LS, LV, SF, villages) but also new islands. One of them is located on the outskirts of SF and expands its size double! Specially created locations guarantee you a long time exploring the map for rare items and vehicles. Conveniently located hidden in the depths of the cities, new destroyed subways or islands can guarantee you to hide your belongings from other players. However, if you want 100% guarantee you can buy base - the only help on the server! Newly converted objects from climatic games will provide a great curiosity in exploring the map. They are not one, two, fifteen or twenty-five objects. No no no. There are even a few hundred! The whole server weighs about 1.2GB! It would be cool getting all time over the hump ... In life is not so easy. Especially after the apocalypse. Not all the locations you know will be available to you. You have to be smart, go on foot or look for another, new road! A handy set of weapons will allow you to match that one. But do not forget that the weapons here are hard to find, especially ammo... A wide arsenal for your team. From knives to heavy weapons for vehicles through guns, rifles, and sniper rifles. Part of the weapon has been adapted for camouflage clothing! Also we can find varieties with silencer. Each weapon has its unique DMG and radius of destruction. You will not escape any player, zombie or NPC! As they say. Every kind under the sun. We offer a wide range of personalization options. A total of 200 different types of costumes. From headgear to dress. Waistcoats are available to reduce injuries or add space to your inventory. However helmets do not just play an ornamental role. They can secure your head against a shot at her. Backpacks - There is nothing to divert over the number of slots. Just enough. To transport more items, you have to use vehicles and even more from special vehicles. Vehicles are an integral part of the DayZ series. Climatic vehicles covered with rust, straight from Russia or special vehicles. Here you can see a truck with a trailer, which will allow us to smuggle more items. We will also find different airborne ointments. Including hunters – helicopters that shoot rockets. However, these helicopters are only 3 for the entire map. They are shielded by zombies, armed NPCs, and are in hard to reach places. A total of 333 vehicles in 40 types scattered throughout the map. Functionalities: This is fully polish server, however we will try to make an english setting, Server construction is optymized (you can play confortably on weak PC), An extensive group system with customizable ranks and capabilities, Local, group, global chat, First person mode, You will be able to place a minigun on some vehicles, You will be able to mount rockets to S.W.A.T vehicle, Sticking to some vehicles, Crawling, Internet radio in vehicles, Several types of tents, Plans, which we can use to build items, Extensive system of placing objects, tents, 2 types of inventory (both available on J), Extended map with subways in towns, Lots of new hospitals (even in Area), Possibility of getting into some popular buildings (Hospitals, police buildings), Lots of types of zombies (walkers, runners - mostly in millitary places, bosses), Zombies won't respawn next to the player. They have a strict respawns on the map. System of walking on farms animals, System of shooting to players NPCs (mostly military places and rare vehicles respawns) Radiation system, Fatigue system, System of unconciousness, Loggging on serial number (?), New, changed 3D sounds, And lots more... Photos are avalaible on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dayzpolskamta/
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