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Found 8 results

  1. Hello dear friends, first of all, I am writing this text using translate. I apologize to everyone for my bad English. Forgive me if I put the issue in the wrong section. - I want to enlarge the wheels of the vehicles and make camber adjustments and I came across this content in the forum https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/92222-custom-wheel/ but the system in this content applies only to the front wheels and it goes underground when the wheel grows and how I will fix these errors from you I want your help, thank you very much in advance. :) Client-Side
  2. I've been working on a script that realistically manipulates the wheels. I've gotten to the point I can hide the original wheels, in hopes I can later attach a new set in the same place. I'm aware I might have to use attachElements, and several other functions. For the moment, I'd like to attach a single wheel. I've got this: -- All GUI elements. local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local x1, y1, z1 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_lf_dummy") local x2, y2, z2 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_rf_dummy") local x3, y3, z3 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_lb_dummy") local x4, y4, z4 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_rb_dummy") local function replace1 () attachElements (1097, vehicle, x1, y2, z1, 0, 0, 0) end addEventHandler ("onClientGUIClick", set1, replace1, false) -- Function runs when button called 'set1' is clicked. -- Everything else. Here's my thought process: First, I get the player's vehicle. Then, I get the position of all four wheels in the player's vehicle, and represent them with x1, y1 and z1. With all wheels hidden by another function, I then attach the wheel model in the same place as the front left wheel. At the moment, I'm only aiming at the position; I'll handle the rotation later. DB 3 can't identify '1097', and thus asks for a valid element. Am I on the right path?
  3. I downloaded this script ( https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12899 ) from the community. But i want make this only available for admins. How to make this? (Sorry for my very bad english:/)
  4. I have a bug on my server. The Rhinos have an extra wheel, In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , When you write HESOYAM this wheel appears and in appearsMTA it always, I was researching and I did not find anything about this since I had two options, Download a model that has no wheels but use the Rhino Tracks cleo or disappear the extra wheel, For obvious reasons I preferred to disappear the extra wheel but still I have not found how to do it help me pls. (#)
  5. Ребята, пытаюсь реализовать вынос кастомных колёс. Вот какая проблема - при изменении y + или -, колесо при обновлении позиции не понимает, в какой оси надо делать позиционирование. Вот наглядные скриншоты проблемы: Пример кода, наложения этого колеса: local x1, y1, z1 = getVehicleComponentPosition(v, ComponentName[1], 'world') local rx1, ry1, rz1 = getVehicleComponentRotation(v, ComponentName[1], 'world') setElementPosition(car_wheels[carID][1], x1, y1+1.5, z1 - 0.35 + (peredRadius * 0.44)) setElementRotation(car_wheels[carID][1], rx1, ry1+(peredRazval), rz1, "ZYX") setObjectScale(car_wheels[carID][1], peredWidth, peredRadius, peredRadius) Параметр выноса - y1+1.5 в setElementPosition. Это происходит в onClientPreRender при переборе циклом автомобилей в стриме игрока.
  6. marinov327


    Hello. How to add new wheels in F1/Wheels in game? 1098 I want to have more wheels with 1099, 2000 and others. How? Please help. Watch -->
  7. Hello. I want to know how to add new wheels of vehicles in my server? I do not want to replace the old wheels and to put in new F1 panel / wheel. I want new tires put my, but this code is made here to replace with old tires. I do not want to replace them with old tires and add new ones. How?
  8. Ребята, кто нибудь знает в связи с чем в МТА, у машин после долгой езды колеса проваливаются под арки? Как это исправить?
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