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  1. You know how some times you shoot someone on your screen but on his screen it look totaly diferent? Well here's something that might be a good idea or just really dumb. Lets say you shoot some 1 in the arm at location X Y Z. Have the clint send a "massage" to the server that he hit him in the arm on point X Y Z. After that the server checks if the other player got hit as well. If he didn't and is a fair distance away from point X Y Z have the server give him damage. Any thoughts? [edit] I did see the video for MTA:DM and it did look really good and no need to shoot in front but, thats for people with a ping of about 50-100 i guess and this idea will help peole with higher then 100 ping. (like me)
  2. OH lol, It didn't look like it had doors in the pics.
  3. Never really got addicted but, Commandos,C&C and GTA1 were some of my first fav games. [edit] Lets not forget Diablo.
  4. Yeah that would work. The game doesn't even need the CD to play, nothing is read from the CD. Personaly i use a no-cd crack so i don't have to put the cd every time to play. (yes i'm lazy) Hope saying that it's against the rules.
  5. Got ant free sotfware that you think is must have? Here's one i know is a must have for xbox users. http://www.download.com/XBC-Xbox-Connec ... ag=lst-0-1[/url] [edit] keep them Legal. No Illegal downloads such as cracked games.
  6. ........That's a dump question. Even GTA3 isn't dead yet. I'm not sure if GTA2 is dead but i still enjoy playing it every now and then.
  7. Interesting..... One question tho. How do you get in? I would see but i don't have VC.
  8. I was just thinking about something like that. Cuz in the other online GTA:SA mods you have to scroll threw 200+ skins to find the one you want.
  9. MY guess is this is a mission script edit with the hud turned off and the MTA hud pasted in. I'm not sure but maybe using a controler will make that lock on thing turn on. The other thing i notice is that there are no shadows and even with the lowest detail lvl you'll get a round shadow under CJ. And the guy far to the left is on the radar. @Eai: I'v seen this glitch and if i'm on good noone can see me, They just see my car at the last place i was in it. So it's kinda a stretch to get fighting to work. Hey if there was this lvl of player sinc in Race mod, DM would'v been done my now. [edit] Here's a pic of something like this in SP using Mission scripting.
  10. That's the only flaw in it. If people really want to they'll probobly find it.
  11. Not really cuz if there already a ID file (the one made at first start of MTA) It should be overwritable by just re-installing MTA and starting it again. Thats why it should be well hiden in the windows folder. ANd changing ANY setting (other then findinf the file and changing/deleting it) won't effect the file and thats what MTA will check.
  12. here's a thought: How's about MTA creates a file with the time and date that you firsts started MTA and save it somewhere in the Windows folder so that it's not easy to find. (don't name it "MTA fist log") This way even if a somone reinstalls MTA it will stay there and won't change unless you format your PC or find the file. Make sure you hide it good with a name that doesn't have anything to do with MTA. This seems to be a good way to do it that doesn't need to view windows files. Also, Maybe they are playing in with some other OS not windows what them? Just put a file somewhere secret that makes a code depending on the person IP and time/date that he first started it. Anyway that my idea.
  13. well ok... This is a mod that will give GTA:SA a classic style game-play with gangs respect, kill frenzys, No interiors, weapons pick-ups all over town, and other stuff The jet pack was just to get a pic of the moon and not actauly available as a pick-up anywhere in the game. (yet)
  14. Wow all that just to ban a guy. Maybe MTA can check the Physical Address. Can that be changed?
  15. Have a look. GTA:C Forums Downloads available.
  16. Ow wait... in that case GTA3. I was thinking of the GTA2 main menu music.
  17. Use a IMG editor to replace he files inside player.img with whatever clother you downloaded.
  18. None of the above: Gta2 music was best.
  19. Synced taunts should add some more fun to the game. After all what's the point of killing someone if you can't taunts him!
  20. Nice, first time i see something like this for GTA.
  21. I get that when i try to post a comment in the random pictures.
  22. I'm not sure about VC but i did something like that by mistake in SA.
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