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  1. We were talking about a new Q3 engine game ... And I didnt post here since 1753 damned
  2. Alex3305

    Start Game Error

    ofcourse !! use the Search button ! /Closed
  3. hmm aeron said something interesting today::
  4. its even suckier than last time Good job !! EDIT: n00000000000000000 all my sweet emoticons are gone !!!
  5. Lame bullshit ! I watched it and ....
  6. i heard some ppl of having black chat boxes in the client..
  7. LOL yeah Blokker you are right.. give a little, get a little
  8. good idea, but i thnk it is better if users can change there passwords..
  9. lol @ Blokker, but I even said it But i have also a quote: C ya when times fly by.. PS. Happy 2k5 !
  10. ehh maybe you can Reset the gamepath and then set it to GTAVC.bat ...
  11. Alex3305


    I think a newsletter is a good idea, we can e-mail a newsletter through the forum And I can do it if someone wants
  12. Cheaters are Cheap.. Cheat Weapons are Cheap Weapons !!!
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