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  1. That's one of the most original plains i'v seen.
  2. That's a really good idea!
  3. Kamazy

    a new radio station

    Radio: Make it up! Radio: Pump it!
  4. Amm... Might be good but not everyone should be able to spawn anything. Maybe have some objects only apear when an objective has been finished. Kinda like triggers i guess. Example: Let's say the objective is to blow up a bridge and some1 takes a TNT pick-up and when he get's close to the bomb place it blows and the bridge disapears. So i guess what i want is triggers like that. But people spawning stuff for no reason might be annoying.
  5. That favourite tab is something i really want. Having to search fpr your fav' server evrytime is really annoying.
  6. Kamazy

    Yah my banner is up

    Good work it fit really well with the site.
  7. Here's a new idea about ban; What about dinamic registry keys? Have the ip of the server that the PC is banned from be codded and have it be in a dynamic registry key so everyone will have a different regestry key making finding it Really hard or imposible for most people.
  8. Does GTA give this error? If not then what r u using to install it? (i guess SAMI) Just use a txd editor and replace the radar texture with the new one. The radar txd file is in the GTASA/models/ folder can't remember the exact name but it's in there not in the GTA3.img
  9. Yeah it can't be played with any multiplayer mod for SA.\
  10. 1. Me and Some good people helped out along the way. 2. Forums in my sig and look at download section. 3. Project is on hold from now on cuz on the S*** going on in lebanon. (I getting the hell out of here )
  11. I wonder if I just spoiled a surprise feature.
  12. Here's some pics. [GTAC Photos]
  13. MTA Rocks! What even anyone tryes to copy it won't be nearly as good an the original and always best MTA.
  14. Could i get an answer? At least a "No".
  15. I notice that in this picture http://potd.mtavc.com/public/df1b889168 ... 0f3333.jpg Cj is quite buff. Would this mean that Custom Cj will be allowed in MTA:DM? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I see that fee aim will be on bikes atleast. :D :D :D :D <--Very happy http://potd.mtavc.com/public/adee586e39 ... 278a77.jpg
  16. Hmm i took a look and found this. \/ I'v seen people post stuff that's offtopic. Look a few posts up.
  17. 1. More contraol over your radar blimp /BePublic (Let your radar icon be displayed on all players radars) /BePrivate (Only allys can see your radar icon) 2. Allys /AddAlly [Player name] Asks that player to be an ally, After using this the other player should get a massage like the race voting you have now [Example] Kamazy has asked you to be allys F1. Accept F2. Decline F3. Ignore Ally Requests from this player [/Example] /RemoveAlly [player name] (Remove an ally) /Allymoneyshare 0/1 (All allys will share money) This massage would apear when a player askes for moneyshare and if moneyshare is on and you just entered the allys group. [Example] Kamazy has asked for ally money share. F1. Accept F2. Decline F3. Ignore ally money share from this player [/example] 3. Freeroam Races /StartRace [Racename] [time before race will start] [cost to enter] After a player uses this command a massage would apear on the other players screen to enter the race. [Example] Kamazy is starting race Dingyfalls cost 500000 to enter F1. Enter race F2. Don't Enter race F3. Ignore races from this player F4. Ignore all races [/exapmle] If a player enters a race he will be teleported to a spawn point and wait. If a player doesn't enter a race he won't see or have any connection to the race(Race objects and players won't be shown on his screen). This way their can be many races at once without cousing lots of lag. That's just a few thing that will make freeoraming really fun. And i know that Race and DM are different mods but maybe there can be some kind of connection to make freeroam races.
  18. A: Once over at the gtaforums Q: HEY LOOK OVE THERE *RUNS AWAY*
  19. Yeah dude, I'm in Lebanon (Middle east) and allthough this connectionis better then dial-up it's still too slow to play online. (avarage ping is 500-800) And i'm sure that there're many MTA players that have to use dial-up or some other slow connection for thir own reasons.
  20. A: I know i will Q: Who do you bet on Italy or france in the world cup?
  21. Actuly i once had a rather good game with all the players (including me) having a ping between 500-1000ms ping. I'm sure if this was added it would help out alot of people that do have a high ping making mta really special.
  22. Even if MTA does work with a ping over 500 i think this might be a good failsafe. Cuz almost all the time i see some one with a ping over 500.
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