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  1. Am, not sure if your talkinga about the one i have now but thx. Reminds me to post my new desktop.
  2. Kamazy Killed BrophY (Deep space *Head Exploded*)
  3. If you're talking to me: Well.. i'm being sarcastic. I see no reason to "filter" the word MTA DM. even if you do maybe i'll say MTA:DM or MTA:SA:DM or M:T:A::M etc...
  4. aha ok, so i don't really know how POWERFULL blue is then.
  5. Kamazy

    Whats next?

    Yeahm so even if gta 4 has multi player MTA could be a ... amm... enchantment team (acn't think of other word) making gta4 multiplayer even better. the ONLY feature that i'm looking for in gta4 is peds and other NPCs. (if it does have that) Also: about rockstart making gta for money it half true, as gta 1 - 2 were just a fun project that some people made, they were called DMA back then. and now that it's getting big they are making it (mostly) for money.
  6. Why stop there? lets just auto ban anyone that uses the letter "A". Looks like i used it 5 times.
  7. should be an easy this to do, just edit: 290, special01, generic, CIVMALE, STAT_STD_MISSION, man, 1FFF, 0, null, 9,9, PED_TYPE_SPC,0 ,0 and the other special characters, i'v seen it done many times as single player mods. there's also room for extra peds: #---ADD NEW PEDS HERE #---END OF NEW PEDS there seems to be 10 slots empty for custom peds. but having more then 3-4 (around there) will crash game.
  8. Oh waw what a great idea, lets filter out the name of the product they're making. while you're at it why not filter out: Noob,SAMP,rumble,help,why can't i,sorry for bad english,i'm new,how to i, etc..
  9. my guess is no, cuz the garage doors are defined in an externam file and not from the actual objects or anywhere in game.
  10. Kamazy

    Whats next?

    Yeah they can and even if GTA4 has online play it probobly will need a valid copy of the game. (as most people don't have *wink*) And if MTA makes a GTA4 online i'll play that one instead of the one that rockstar made. Mostly cuz MTA:4 will probobly be better then rockstarts multiplayer for the simple reason that MTA is a labor of love mod and not something they do for money or anything else. they just make MTA becouse they love doing it. and that will allways be better then one made by people cuz it's their job. (hope i explained myself clearly, without confusing you too mush. )
  11. Kamazy


    Yeah, ok that MIGHT work but nothing will be synced and everyone will see different people and cars ll over the place. I mean, Let's say you're playing and fighting with some1 and shooting him. to you he might seem visible but on him screen he might be hiding behin a car or something like that. Over all, It's not worth the making of bots or adding default peds if they're not sinced and would cause mass confusion.
  12. Kamazy

    A Few Question

    i'v played with 10-15 people with no real lag problems. ANd a maximum of 100 AIs as i put in the server settings. BTW: 16 is max players in UT1. [edit] Oh this was over LAN so it would probobly be different on an internet game. specialy if your server is slower then needed or a play is. Anyways i'm happy with no bots. they'll just act dumb and ruin the fun for others anyways.
  13. Kamazy

    A Few Question

    here's a questoin. I'v played UT (unreal tournament) and they have a mod called "corpse mania" where you basily fight over 100 "bots" that are walking zombies, anyway waht they do isn't important waht is important is how do they get 100+ bots (NPC) without taking up a LOT of bandwith?
  14. Hmm.. so there's a VERY GOOD chance it will be realeased early. well actually not... making a new windows version takes a lot of time, longer then it will take mta:sa:dm to be released. lol Not if Microsoft just makes minor changes to XP and rename it as "Cow" and make a top of money from people what would buy a windows called "Cow". After witch bill gates will see that MTA site and say "ZOMG this rocks i have to help" and gives the MTA team 10 million $ and a team of 100 programers to make the best GTA:SA:ONLINE EVER!
  15. Hmm.. so there's a VERY GOOD chance it will be realeased early.
  16. all the jail cells in GTA:SA are preety solid. but it would be possible to make one with the map editor and if MTA:DM will have movable objects then that should be possible.
  17. My guess: MTA:SA:DM will be released exactly when (i'm 100% sure about this) they release it. Now that's the truth!
  18. Yeah, that's what i'v been trying to tell random. I agree. This is pointless/childish. plz understand.. That's all.
  19. @erorr404: Oh so it's not yet playable? anyways i'll be extramly happy when it comes out. (no matter when that is) @Ransom: Ok fine have it your way! i'm spreading rumors now plz STFU.
  20. Oh well when it's done it will be done. Nothing i can do about that. but when some1 said april i was like ZOMG (as you saw) cuz that's a long... time. I mean i'v been waiting for MTA:DM for a year or more now. And i see nothing wrong with realesing a beta. most all modes do that. i mean samp realeased it 0.1beta. and many people play it with (almost) no probs. So, i guess my question is why didn't they release a beta or something under 1.0 before the full 1.0. And all this waiting will just get everyones expectations up and when they play it, it might not be as good as they expected. I mean with a long wait like that people are gona expect something HUGE.
  21. I Never told anyone that it would be realesed about new year. If i did then i would be spreading rumors. But seeing as i just said that, that was the date I thouhgt it would be realesed. I never said. "Hey Poeple MTA:DM is gonna be realsed on new year!" and when did i "try to give other people the release date"? Did i say "I heard that it will be realsed on new year." No i didn't So... try chaning your definition of starting rumors. Cuz i in no way started spreading rumors.
  22. Did i say that some1 told me it would be realsed on new year? Am i spreading anything? i just told you that i felt MTA:DM would be released not starting any rumors.
  23. ZOMG April! You're fan base will get preety low by then. I though you guys were gona realease it about new year. But.. i was so wrong.
  24. Scripting gamemodes and custom comand would PWN! That's the only thing i see missing from MTA.
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