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  1. First of all lol on your avatars. Second: spraying would be nice but i don't care if they never add it. Third: You think he's trying to make GTA into CS? Look here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=243785
  2. I think this is a good thing. So you can sneak behind people and kill them. Or hide near the next corner and wait for some 1 to pass you'r way.
  3. OK.... you didn't get what i was saying. You did and ok thx.
  4. Maybe have the map maker change the color of the icon shown on the mini-map. So if there is a escape map whoever spawns from a runer spawnpoint the color will be defferent then the hunters color. Maybe the same way that the checkpoint color works in the map editor.
  5. Freeroam on foot would be very posible just don't fight each other when plaing DM. As long as the map makers put cars all over SA then everything should be fine. [edit] people keep thinking that adding peds and AI players will make it better but i say they'll just get in the way.
  6. That sounds like what they are making now.
  7. This is diferent from freeroam how?
  8. I think to make working geometry with collision they need to be in the gta3.img(Has all models/collisions in it) a new IDE(to make gta know that extra models have need added) and IPL(where you model is in the world {optional}) file also. But if they can make it to real files from a remote directory and work in game it would be nice.
  9. I am making a mod for MTA:DM but i don't think they are adding that kind of mods to MTA yet. [edit] And mta is more of an add-on to GTA not a mod. Cuz MTA doesn't change any GTA files.
  10. This would be usefull. It qould be posible but a mod would be needed and everyone would need to have the same mod. This is an GREAT idea! Hmm... I don't find it to be a problem. Is it? I didn't notice. A mouse would be nice but everything else is good. Removing collision for race map would help ALOT with all kind of problems. (Best idea)
  11. I think this was discussed before............
  12. This is the same problem as the DM race maps to i guess the map makers will make a huge wall around a small area.
  13. Kamazy

    Drag race

    It is but it's also timing the gear changes just right.
  14. If you'r frame rate is bad you will be slower then other people. I'm sure this is for any GTA:SA multiplayer mod not only MTA.
  15. Oh yeah the news links don't work. Web creator >
  16. Kamazy

    Drag race

    Is that a joke or something? Going in a straight line is booring so why not make it some dificult.
  17. Yeah o know about the ani-cheat. And i know MTA has to mod support but the ones i tryed so far work fine.
  18. Kamazy

    Drag race

    I'v played many drag race maps but they'r all preety booring you just press accelarate and hope for the bast. So could there be a drag race mod with manual gears and stuff. (you know like in NFS)
  19. I'm not sure if i'v seen this in any forum but could it be so that when someone edits a post it shows as a new post? So people that have seen that post know that there's something new.
  20. Yep making the wheels invisible should work great.
  21. I'v been editing SA for some time now and CJ does not have any extra bones then the peds. He is made of a lot of parts but has no extra bones. And all SA models Have more bones then VC models. But it's am easy convertion. And you don't have to use CJ as a game model just make peds and use then. And you can use Kam's (g)max scripts to import replace and however edit GTA:SA models,Characters,Animation,map and just about everything. [edit] Oh i see you'r using z-modeler and kam's script only works with (g)max but i know their are SA scripts for z-modeler [edit/] If you need anykind of Tool to edit SA tell me i got them all. Thx but i was looking for a SA audio editor. ( I can't find any) BTW: Those models are awlsome! I just hope they arn't too high poly cuz i heard of some problems with high poly models in VC.But i hope they are none. this mod look great. (And i'm not a star-wars fan) [edit] I asume that spaceship will be a plane. But the planes in VC suck. And that two huge engine thing i asume will be a bike. But It's hardcoded with 2 wheels. Are you gona have some invisible wheels or something?
  22. Oh wait dinghy falls? I though it was a bike map my bad. But it does look like a good bike map.
  23. From what i see now it looks like it should be a crazy fun bike map.
  24. After a lot of tring and tiring i finaly perfected adding more items to the GTA:SA map. Small man-made isle added. (Near LS airport) I'm not sure what it is but it could be a DM base or a helipad. I'll add more stuff to make DM games better. [edit] Changed hud font to be more SA like.
  25. Yeah i see what you mean for example: All the burger Shot places use the same interior and if some one from LS entered and someone from LV entered a burger shot they'll both be in the same place(interior). But my question is if it will be like in VC where their's no loading in between interio and world changes.
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