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  1. ...............Is that a...............joke?
  2. I recently got a multi player SA (on foot) and this is not a problem. No one cares or notices. So i don't think anyone will care even if it does do extra damage.
  3. Yeah. Had it. (Fixed now ) Win XP PRO SP2 Nvidia GForce 5.7 512 RAM IBM P4 2.7 ghz
  4. Yeah this is anoying, Makes it imposible to see what maps are on the server. Specialy is people are chating alot.
  5. Kamazy


    EVERYTHING on the desktop?! (also non MTA) I'v installed and uninstalled MTA 30+ times and never got anything like that. So are you sure you didn't uninstall the wrong thing?
  6. Oh yeah i didn't think about that. i guess you can change the car models but if anyone sees something strange they will kick you. The best way to see if a car is moded is if it's standing and kinda bouncing/vibrating a little. So if someone sees that they'll probable kick and maybe ban you.
  7. Area chat will have it's down sides (i.e. if a spy is near) but in DM you won't have a team, so you can't really have teamspeak. The main reson i wan thins is cuz in DM there will be alot of people and chating only with the person next to you would make it much more clear. Lets say you have a car full of people and you want to chat only with them, The Area chat and text above head would make sure the other people in the car see what you are saying. And i'm 100% people will team up and planing what to do will help make it more interesting. if not area chat them maybe a private chat that you can check who you want to talk to. Maybe in the score board there could be a small icon you can check so when you private chat only the people with a check will hear you. [edit] Kinda the same way privatechat works now but have the option to group private chat.
  8. If some 1 did get the info from another team and went away and told his friend then he's a spy. Spys are usefull so your team knows the other teams plan and stop them. That's the whole point of a spy.
  9. I get what you'r saying but i don't think it's that big a deal. [edit] (after next post) \/ We'll have to wait for DM to see that won't we. \/
  10. If you'r smart you'll change your weapons to a gun and sprint away or try to kill him. If you'r a good player you won't get killed that easy. When DM comes out we'll see if it's a problem. [edit] BTW can't MTA block the loading of weapons.dat and tell GTA to use one that's made for MTA? This way weapon stats on hitman lvl can be changed.
  11. My point has that runing people over is hard but if you do you can park on them to kill them but that might be risky as other ememys might be around. So it's good but risky. This way it's balanced and if you want to take a chance you can park but you might get your car blown.
  12. So mac10 and weapons like that will allways be dual?
  13. it is easy to avoid getting run over in SA. But some times it's not as easy as that. If the driver is good he'll find a way to run him over. Any way if you do just park on him and that will kill him for sure.
  14. Could gta have a Area chat button. Area chat would be like normal chat but only people around you will get the massage and see the text above the players head. This way team DM players can chat in peace. (If a spy isn't near ) I know that it's only DM and not team DM but look at race mod it's much more then race now isn't it. I'm sure that people will make team DM even if it's not really in the mod. Anyway i think this will be a good feature.
  15. I didn't know him but it's always sad to see people go at such a young age. --------------------------------------R.I.P-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------Wheelman------------------------------------
  16. Where did i ever post "i don't know" [edit] oh ok it's just a example. maybe my post were not as useless as "i don t know". But yeah i will stop posting so much. The maiun reason i posted was so people know somthing new was added but now that i have the (newest add"......") i don't need to post i just edit it. to laggy > And i did stop posting everytime i add something new and just edit the first post and change the (newest add"........") in the title. So.. maybe you wana check your facts before you post. < To laggy. [edit] Yeah i did post too much but i stoped. [edit] Yeah lets call it "edit chat" [edit] Ok i did missunderstand it but no need for lock request! [edit] This is a post for you too. [edit] You want to lock this tread? Why? Request lock to prevent editing? What does that mean? I got no problem with any of the adims delete my post just leave the good ones and the front page.(if i could i would delete them) [edit] I did post alot but as i sayd i put the (newest add"....") so i don't need to post everytime i add something for people to know. [edit] (imo) sorry i don't know what that means. [edit] if no one saw this on the bottom on laggys thread \/ Yes double post are anoying but i stoped so get of by back about it. [edit] Ok.. so if any admin will take the time to delete evrything after the first post and i'll start fresh that would be great. And maybe move this to MTA: San andreas or Add-ons. Also if you could delete all the polls i made. THX in advanse.
  17. Sometimes changing the weapons models and cars models won't do much but changing things like handling or anything that will change the gameplay in anyway will get you kicked.
  18. How about this... Don't add any weapons like the tec9 and mac10 in you'r map if you don't like this.
  19. \/ Like this one. \/ Refresh for a new picture. /\ Don't copy or use cuz it's from some guys sig /\ [edit] \/ LOL \/
  20. Kamazy = Kamikazy = Kamikaze = Suicide. [edit] I should probobly say that this name comes from my CS play style wich is run in kill 2-3 guys and get killed.
  21. All the times i played CS i maybe once used the spray thing.
  22. Extra damage is just more real. I mean if you shoot a guy from point black range (In real life) he will get hurt more then if you shoot him from far.
  23. Oh waw that will make it............ booring.
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