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  1. If you take a look at both GTA3 And SA Claudes you'll see that i used the SA claude cuz he's much more detailed. I just changed the Fam1.dff/txd and Claude.dff\txd files.
  2. Well... When you'r driving a car, BMW for example it has the BMW logo doesn't it? When you'r playing MTA why not have it's name on some stuff? Anyway why NOT have the MTA name in GTA?! [edit] If there wasn't a MTA Add or logo somewhere it isn't really an MTA mod is it. And if you don't get the point to the "MTA Sigh" you will when you take it up-side you'r head. Much like MTA this mod is just for fun.
  3. thx for all the good posts. Yeah like i sayd it would be nice but not to replace the one handed ones. Expect more soon.
  4. This is a mod for GTA that i think would be great if it was in DM.[WIP] Older pixs will be links now. They take to much space. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things added sofar------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New AK47 model. (Model made by N/A Edited and added to GTA:SA by Kamazy) Changed Claude and fam2 models. (Done by Kamazy) New fam3 skin. (Made by Kamazy) MTA Sigh to replace shovel. (Made by Kamazy) Fam2 Replaced by Tommy(older). (Done by Kamazy) New Mirco smg. (Model made by N/A Edited and added to GTA:SA by Kamazy) New Mp5. (Model made by N/A Edited and added to GTA:SA by Kamazy) New Parachute skin. (Made by Kamazy) New Loading screen. (Made by Kamazy) Pistol replaced by Glock18. (Model made by N/A edited and added to GTA:SA by Kamazy) Robo added. (model made by Valve* edited and added to GTA:SA by kamazy) Ad board added. (made by Kamazy) Fixed GTA:SA bug where CJ doesn't grap the parachute ripcord. Now the ripcord will be in his hand. Added a small man-made isle. Changed ingame hud font. Added DM Clover v1.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pics----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claude and Tommy for MTA. Being able to play with Tommy should be fun. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... claude.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... my_old.jpg ^(older tommy)^ New weapons(AK47 in this case). The dual weapons (that arn't dual in GTA:SA) might be fun also but probobly as extras not to replace the one handed ones. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... llhere.jpg An MTA Sigh that replaces the shovel,a GSF thug with MTA sprayed on his shirt and A black hoody for CJ With "MTA4Life" on it. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... a4life.jpg Much nicer "Micro sub-machine gun" that name never made any sence to me. It's a mac10 not a "micro sub-machine gun". Anyway this one looks beter. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/Kamazy/Mac10.jpg New Mp5 model and icon. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/Kamazy/mp5.jpg The parachute was kinda gay so i changed it. (I didn'tget any posts on the tipo but it's been fixed) http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/Kamazy/Para.jpg Custom MTA laoding screen. (picture has been resized) http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... reen_3.jpg Glock added. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/Kamazy/glock.jpg Robo added. OMG look it's the robot from half-life! http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/Kamazy/Robo.jpg A small Ad board. If you don'e know where that is you'r a noob. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f231/ ... _Board.jpg After a lot of tring and failing i finaly perfected adding extra map objects. Changed the hud font with a more GTA:SA like one. Dm clover added. The gay thing where a car blows up when you hit the gas cap has been removed. (From this car only) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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