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  1. For an engine so capable of powerful and wondrous things, it's quite a downer to see these superfluous uses of it. Nobody will jump on the LUA bandwagon if your first impressions are these little lights you call "snowflakes". You could argue that you are merely showcasing the engine's capabilities in some fashion, but it strangely resembles the inevitable failure of a politician with bad speaking skills; claiming to be promising and almighty, yet unwilling or uncapable of expressing it in a way that has a community convinced.
  2. Have you tried my spawner? http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=242
  3. Something like this, I'd imagine, would require a master sever - a reliable one, at that - unless you'd have the servers directly exchange messages. It's not actually a bad idea, but not the best one either.. the way I see it, it'd be easier to just join the other server yourself if you're wanting to talk to him that bad, rather then typing out the IP every time. Oh, and I could also see this abused. Giving the user an option to send custom messages to custom IP's isn't the greatest idea.
  4. Well, that was entertaining. The only real annoyance I noticed was a slight decrease in speed as the vehicles interchanged, which seemed to cause both a race disadvantage (obviously) and a small skip in syncronization.
  5. I'm not too fond of most of these online C++ tutorials because 99% of them teach console programming, when the majority of C++ programmers code win32 apps/DLLs. What's more important is string manipulation, datatype conversion, coding and using basic classes/functions, global vars, etc.. learning how to print something to a console won't help you code add-ons for Blue.
  6. Well, considering R* has addressed several bugs.. we can agree that they've added and deleted code all over the place. This means SA function/mem locations will have to be found all over again, which is the time-consuming part I was talking about.
  7. The patch is, well, retarded. It only makes things more complicated, troubling, time-consuming, and limited for gamehackers (like the MTA and SA-MP teams)... tons of research went down the drain. Let's just hope the patch doesn't get all that popular, it's not like it has anything groundbreakingly new. I'd take 1.0 over 1.01 anyday.
  8. Over 18 months and all we get is a crappy f*cking race mod. Administrators, please delete my account here as I no longer see any reason to use it.
  9. I have only one thing to say. If all you can provide after 18 months of hard work is some 'race mod', don't expect your players around for too long.
  10. You think this is decent protection? The server would 'ping' the client, requesting a filesize; anyone with a brain and a dissasembler could force it to send the 'correct' filesize, regaurdless of what it actually is. Keep the ideas coming though..
  11. Could someone clue us in, why he's mysteriously left the MTA Team? I heard it was over a dissagreement over IRC. cheers.
  12. And how do you suppose GTA will be able to read an encrypted SCM/CFG/etc? You have to understand that, whether files are encrypted/crc checked/whatever, there is a point in time when all the data is decrypted and ready to be handled; anyone with a brain and a dissasembler can figure out how to take advantage of this 'point in time'.
  13. Dream on. Even if they do get the coding completed by then (unlikely), they'll still have to test it. Exactly.. I said dream on because I knew it wouldn't happen.
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