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skins are looking good, did you make them from scratch or are you using photos as references or what?

Both really, They are made from scratch but I tend to download every pertinent image I can of the character I'm modelling, full length images, closeups, and I use them as reference. I believe slothman works in a similar way.

That looks very nice. C3PO looks kinda weird lol

Thats because we are attempting to purely re-skin the current models, as editing and remodelling the actors themselves has all sorts of issues. This means we are restricted to the shapes of body, head, hair and clothing that exist already. I think considering that that C3P0 is pretty cool. ( He looks great in-game )

Brophy: Very nice.

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Site is up, (sort of) Just a bunch of images from all of us showing various WIPs and models at the moment. It's 4am here right now and our american contingent is at the cinema to see you know what, so there will be no work on it tonight. Hopefully we will get something more organised up in the next day or two.


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Vinny: the best thing to do is sit in the IRC channel ( irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/mtasw ), thats where most of the work happens and the decisions are made.

If for any reason you cannot, then work on mos eisley buildings is the main task at the moment other than creating the land itself, which johnline is doing. We have no plans to make naboo or any other prequel area.

Alternatively there are still several vehicles needed.

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