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  1. yeha Game Cam> Fraps... for some reason I cannot gte it to target my gta games so i cannot record, wtf? it's targeted to the program, is there anything else i must do? EDIT: Oh yeah, BUMP
  2. No, tommy did not show up in SA, Fido did,, If tommy did, please tell me where. I'm pretty sure he was not but he was mentioned.
  3. Blaze:VCK killed BrophY. (Michael Jackson)
  4. > Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request Thats what I get when I try to enter http://www.mtasw.co.uk
  5. because you hacked!! lol j/k
  6. the gang war was awesome.... but eh i blew up in the first round hehe
  7. he said he did do that several times, weird....
  8. LOL, I read the last thread of DA and.... lmao i was rolling the whole time I read it, wow looks like this thread is starting off like the last one ...But what I have read seriously sort out the admin abusers, people can't help it because of their ping learn to fight them back, I have seen you ban for stupid reasons, and very good players at that... but gl to you
  9. sweet, gl to you, LOL pogo the monkey. would be funny if they had the [CRAP] clan LOL, Citizens Raging Against Phones, but like I said I hope your clan grows larger.
  10. Sloth can really play! He was really into it. Just a group picture VCK's apartment for rent Thats the living room The kitchen Price: $500.00 per month Thats enough screenshots for the month
  11. heh some needless screenies was here.
  12. lol it was freaky, we was putting all the cop cars in the hanger so when we spawned we would be there but then sloth resynced the cars and that is what apperead, It would of been cool if you could get in it, but yet you just walk right through
  13. All we did today was fool around, it's was just a texture but still funny. heh crazy crazy... ok enough with the car... lol almost dodo killed but F12 saved me
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