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  1. i told SA-MP to use ID3DXLine to make a fillrgba function with D3D...would have worked on the 9200 so HAH! anyway, they could have also used one of GTA's FillRGBA functions....i assume it has at least one function like this.
  2. s0beit

    upload speed

    if you host a 24/7 game server, comcast will probably ask you to stop. this happened to a friend of mine, same ISP, same server (MTA)
  3. sure its possible, pretty simple to find as well. its as simple as creating a ped with SCM, tracking his HP, then when you find it set a breakpoint. then, get in a car and do a driveby... it should look something like mov[esi+0x540],eax the value of EAX is what MTA needs to change... but of course, they know that..but i hope they implement it
  4. 1. the older versions still are laggy, blue isnt that bad. 2. no, but they dont support it...dont ask questions like these. 3. some do, yes.
  5. there is no way to stop trainers in a free mod in reality..even though the SA-MP thinks thier' anti-cheat will be better then most multi-billion dollar companys. trainers and patches and injections can be detected, and then circumvented. its a never ending battle, that will last as long as there are people to use the cheats programmers create.
  6. if there is an SDK i almost garentee it, but i cant be sure 100%. it would be as simple as saving a value to a ini file or SQL database or something. id still wait for a response from the devs.
  7. wont there be an SDK? there should be a feature to disable certain types of drivebys imo. int DBM_DRIVER_WINDOW = 0x1; int DBM_DRIVER_SIDE = 0x2; int DBM_DISABLED = 0x3; core->SetPlayerDrivebyMode(DBM_DRIVER_WINDOW); //cheat style core->SetPlayerDrivebyMode(DBM_DRIVER_SIDE); //normal gta style core->SetPlayerDrivebyMode(DBM_DRIVER_WINDOW); //all the way disabled
  8. Officially, on my own PC: Red Alert 2 / GTAIII unofficially on my cousin's PC, rollercoaster tycoon.
  9. why, hello there sir.
  10. looks possible, with manipulation of D3D the SDK supposedly supports.
  11. theyd have to convert thier D3D9 code to D3D8 for GTA:VC or GTAIII and all those addresses and functions would need to be found again, in a differant game.
  12. incorrect. its a nice feature, i suppose. but it can be disbabled.
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