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ive hear that the nitro will be not only in RC cars :twisted:

I can imagine if thats true that it'd be one ofthose things they thought was cool but in big servers made people crash :?

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umm since eAi didn't say those screens were from 0.4.5 it would be really funny if he just gave an update and then passed you some screens from the early developement when they used the RC cars

I am sure he isn't that twisted but it would be funny

I'm not quite sure what you mean, i dont see how its so funny :?

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That quote is quite old methinks :)

The nitro function would prove, that the MTA team finally has taken the step to mod vehicles, in order for people to have even more fun playing in stunt servers!

The best thing of course is that it will synched between all the players, so now we should finally be able to enjoy 'modding.' ;)

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