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    again patience is the key....yes it has been a long time however .5 is a great version and going back to the older ones is fun too. If people could realize that support helps the team and and negative comments that i read too often on this forums and IRC do nothing but push them away. final point...support and encouragement goes along way
  3. A: MAD_BOY > Rob Q: how long till this thread hits 200?
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    you have to realize that alot of people that play MTA and that are waiting for a new version are probably little kids and therfore cannot comprehend what the MTA team does, since this project is done in their SPARE TIME you can't expect new versions and mode so quickly. the MTA team has done an outstanding job so far in MTA an they will continue to do so as long as the community supports them
  5. this lasted long DB gg KFC
  6. only 2 old FKU posts this is indeed a sad day
  7. A: aye boobs FTW Q: should Quig get a special avatar rank?
  8. A: I play both now kinda since all i do in WoW now is raid so i gotta fill up the rest of the time with MTA Q: why is Brophy so sexy?
  9. A: WoW ( i know its evil) Q: why are u still ghey?
  10. A: no i think cuz hes ugly Q: do u think rob should get a haircut?
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    u don't trust me
  12. good dude, hows little one these days?, get urself and furn on IRC
  13. looks like you guys are still going at it strong GJ haven't played in a while but i'm getting back into, i look forward to more news
  14. lol, oh god what an awful game that was. get ur ass on IRC
  15. oh god they made u a mod hows it goin?
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