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which was cruel


Sometime after 0.4 came out, I saw this guy driving around in a slighly floating car (a sabre or admiral I think it was). I let him know that I thought he might be cheating and asked him what car he was driving. So he goes "I'M NOT CHEATING I'M DRIVING A FIRETRUCK!"

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oh yeh, will bandwidth usage be reduced? with 20 players in game on my stunt server, bandwidth usage is at like 4mbit !

i really need to know!!


its not going to be very much different to the current version as far as i know.

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omg, we need firetruck back or the bus, i mean dont u love building your speed from downtown then ramm0rz someone down by the docks, ahhh beautiful road rage

yeah i love that too, the ft is in gta3 one of the most liked vehicles, but mostly ppl think im going on a carnube tour, screw driving over ppl, play soccer with cars! :D

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