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  1. Scorp

    Missing the old days... :(

    Rebel. <3 Currently on my second year in college, had to reduce my gaming time considerably, sadly! I'm on a computer course as well, although it's quite a low'ish level, it'll do for now until I can finish college. I'm still a bit hooked on WoW, but gave it a rest for Bioshock, Team Fortress 2 & other great titles popping up recently! \o/ All my GTA games are currently uninstalled, but might give San Andreas' DM a swing sooner or late. Looks like a lot of progress has been made since I popped in for the racing mod, a long time ago.
  2. Scorp

    Missing the old days... :(

    Hey, you old geezers.
  3. Say again? I was always late for those bike competition hosted many months ago, pity, would've been fun to try racing more than 10+ players
  4. Here's what you do, go to the south Police Station and pick up a Maverick Helicopter, now wait for a player to get into the open ... Then you proceed to slice him with your roflcopter blades! Tends to work out just nice
  5. How many times. I think you should get that as a copy/paste reply by now Jon
  6. Nobody in the community, knows his history better than Jon . That page could definetly look at getting a update.
  7. Damn, I always stepped into the Ankeborg server and started killing everyone, players got so mad at me RP noob!
  8. /me likes. Impressive work MTA team And to think.. Haven't even bought a copy yet
  9. lol! Loved it Error
  10. Best thread ever. I don't have a mousepad.. Laser for teh win!
  11. That's just the savegame file, don't delete it unless you want to complete everything again. I'd say the safest solution is to get a fresh install of VC installed, then reinstall Multi Theft Auto. Just get rid of that LC crap
  12. That's because your opening the MTAserver.exe directly from it's file.. You'll need to extract the patched exe to (C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\) - default path. This is where the unpatched mtaserver.exe is located; along with the configuring files. Just replace the exe with your patched one and run it from there.
  13. lol Aeron that's how you normally speak anyway. MTA supporter with 2 warnings heh
  14. Ah of course but my vote stays at the future. (Not that I can change it.)
  15. APOCALYPSE!!11oneone! umm I don't know, fastforward in time and download MTA:Blue? (This one was bound to be posted. ) Have a nice timetravel suitcase with me, pack up a top of the line PC.. Probably nothing combatible with todays apps lol. Also, I would be very interrested in seeing what scientific bounderies we have passed, or maybe I'd end up in a smog'ed hellish planet with all our polution having had some consequnces on mankind. The future is out there! *cough*
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