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  1. So it wasnt you who edited my post ?
  2. I would also like it if you wouldnt edit my posts mainly oli has done that.
  3. Well thats my comment on it , i respect you guys for making this `mod` but its gone from good to worse and this will prob be the same with blue.
  4. Basically i think it will be shit.
  5. :)

    rT* Red Turret

    lol gunny i heard your dad robbed your comp rofl
  6. The power gone to your head ? ^ Please do not warn people if theres no reason.
  7. ok but.. tlr have never bet dna in mta so 1 - 0 with css u have 2 hackers which are silver and radis .. soo... before u start saying TLR PWN DNA "£r%$"£$"£$" Think about the hackers and mta days
  8. Prob dna because no one likes you
  9. indeed dan looks like your the only one
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