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  1. Elegy is faster than ZR350.
  2. No, no, no. The only limit in VC (except for lack of sync) was our imagination plus the basic rules that the two playing teams agreed. What I would like to see in SA (as it differs from VC a lot), is CS like menu (or even some kind of Ammunation-style shop), in where each member of both gangs/clans can spend their money (let's say the amount of money would match the exact price of the strongest weapon with one mag (Minigun?)). That would require some basic (duh) tactic, as each member of the team would have a specified function (ex. a guy with satchels would mine the entrances to the base, a sniper would camp in a high spot etc etc). So basically, I would like to see a freeroam server with the ability to buy weapons for limited amount of money. The rest would be done VC way.
  3. Maybe he want's to join, rifk.
  4. Jigga

    Your MTA History!

    What about "The_One" Scooby?
  5. Or just go to the store and steal it. And as for a step by step instruction. Buy the game, install it, play it once, install the mod, play the mod.
  6. Jigga

    MMP vs MTA

    I did, it has been in development since Mafia was released so... Mafia Multiplayer Forever?
  7. Jigga

    Missing the old days... :(

    IJs moved it to PP, bastid.
  8. Jigga

    Zombie attack mode

    If you want them synced then yes. But with high amounts of them just running around, you don't have to sync them.
  9. jesus dude, we are not fixing GTA SA bugs, it was Rockstars job.
  10. A. I want to go to India to see Chamilionaire. Q. Anyone else coming with me?
  11. The game would probably run well on most mid-range pc's I think. PC > Xbox360/PS3 It's the other way around mang.
  12. nice bump homie. 20 posts til 1337
  13. I don't agree. Aspen, Escalade and Q7 are not bad looking at all.
  14. Jigga

    Your MTA History!

    Started with my own clan called [GoV]. After some time playing I joined (RP*), then moved to =PCP=, and I'm still here
  15. Hi, You may all know me as a hater. I hate RPG, RPGers, Metal etc etc. But there is one thing most ppl do hate. EMOS. So if you are up to celebrating "National EMO beatdown day" discuss EMO evasion/attack tactics, or just like to talk, join now! irc://irc.gtanet.com/emo-police The channel was created yesterday so it's kinda empty, but I hope every person that doesn't like emos will join and stay! Word Up!
  16. We don't like your attitude, bahaviour, ban evading and nick. That's all. Oh btw, you suck, go fuck yourself.
  17. As for the level, only the server owners + friends have the admin, so you either have to be a friend of the server owner, or play A LOT on the server so they can see you are a worthy person for the admin.
  18. A. Yes, a lighting or something. Q. If Brophy is the God, does that makes me Brophy's Son?
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