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    I em also still alive lol, but I have not been active in a long time.
  2. happyrock

    Whats next?

    I think that will depend on what type of demand there is for a mod. That is if gta 4 comes out with multiplayer Rock Star could get it wrong or they could make the best thing ever.
  3. The biggest problem with this method of the anti cheat is you need to keep it updated. Well lets see there working on DM so race's anticheat won't be updated. Then 3 weeks after DM comes out they will be working very hard on DM v2 or race v2 etc. I mean to use this style of anti cheat your going to need to get someone to update it. A team member is just going to have to do it or your just going have to get someone. Since when your to busy working on other importent things you won't get around to the anti cheat. It also sounds like a big job that just keeps getting bigger. Sometimes it might take that one extra person to keep one thing in line. Since it sounds like a big job to keep it updated. If it was easy it would of been done by now. I'm sorry but the MTA has aways impressed me and they still do. This is not a flame towards the team. Still I would like to see DM's anti cheat updated when it comes out.
  4. you can run gta sa in a window. You cannot run mtasa in a window.
  5. Get a logitech g15 keyboard so you can watch and repley to messages on the lcd srceen and won't even need to leave MTA, thats what you should do it's easyer then bitching to get something done by other poeple, just do it your self hahah no really I got a g15keyboard and I love it
  6. happyrock

    My new mouse

    Yea your right bishop. Money just can't buy this type of mouse anymore. So you took a trip to the local grabage dump.
  7. I didn't really word my last post very well. with your Guid system. How do you get it to poeple. How do you stop someone from getting around 30 of them? with out pissing someone off from having to sign up for account and/or waiting days for someone to review it so they can play. Would you need to pay for a account? If so rockstar might have something to say to the MTA team about there memory edited game. What happens if your master server goes down from power or someone trips over the cord? etc etc. Would I still beable to play on the servers I had to get this Guid to play on? Would I need to wait and play with the hackers on other servers until your master server was back up? In the end it does not matter what you do. You could never prevent all cheating. Look at D2 and WOW. Wardens good but stuff can get passed. Edit: are you planning a list located on a master server that a server admin could download and install if they wanted?
  8. This system has been talked about before. How do you contorl the cd-keys. how do you make it so someone can't get like 30 of them. Maybe someone will have to pay a dollar to play on mta servers to get a key. that would make it more of a pain in the ass but at the same time. there are to many noob admins that just ban glichs they see as cheaters etcetc will work but won't at the same time
  9. ok infinite sprint was alright when it came to being stranded. I'm way to lazy to move to the nearest car depending on where you get stranded. (/kill) But poeple would, mainly car killers, would use it to run and run and never fight. It would of changed the stubby wars when all poeple did was run around in circles. But in vice all you had to do was tap the button to sprint forever. So all this would not of mattered. See in gang wars was where I started to hate it. (mainly attack and defend) It seemed much to easy to rush a line with infinite run. With out the ininite run poeple would of had to think more rather then just charge in. I remember when deathb showed me how easy it was to move through lines of fire from the M60. But this is all based off the old core. Like I said before I need to play mtasa before I start to talk about it. I was kinda basing my opions in the last post due to smaller maps for gangwars and such
  10. I hate infinite sprint. I mean with the map maker there will be smaller maps. (hoping that smaller maps are around for gangwars). Anyhow like in the older verions of mtavc I said infinite sprint should of been disabled. But untill I play mtasa and see I won't comment on this anymore. (Maybe toggled in the map settings). I will get into this more when mtasa is released. If the driveby firerate is like the passenger firerate in single player. I think that will be blanced This should be implemented. Judging from the videos it looks like you can kill poeple inside the car so if your on foot you have a fighing chance. From those wonderful car killers and such.
  11. I'm really hoping bitch packing will not work in mtasa.
  12. maybe I dout in the first release but ya never know. maybe. I dunno maybe? I dout in the first release but ya never know. thats the best answers I can give
  13. Error I find it very easy to get up close even to vets. I guess you have played with the new sycn otherwise why would be saying anything. but if so your in a closed off beta so just wait until it hits the real world where everyone breaks open everything. anyhow where your going to see this the most and poelpe bitching the most is when six poeple are fighting at close range and shooting eacher to the back. anyhow if your thinking one on one's it will not be much of a iusse between 2 skilled players.
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