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Happy New Year


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Everyone on the MultiTheftAuto team would like to wish the community a very Happy New Year. We believe that 2005 will be the year that brings MTA to the state everyone wants it to be in, with the release of Blue and San Andreas for PC. We hope everyone else is looking forward to these two events as much as us and will be with us to celebrate them when they happen.

Happy New Year!

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im f00ked. stella, rum, jack daniels i didnt know where the f00k it was coming from anyways thought ill say happy new year again lol yeah ill leave now, erm see ya in like 10 hours, hurry with blue :P

EDIT: spelling corrected, took ages to type that out

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i remeber last year for new year we got a new version of mta but this year we get avatars back WHICH I STILL HAVENT GOT

o welll

all the best and shit like that

curly avas are back :P

I think they were set up again just for the cheater rank people.

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not to be off subject but, can we get some M60 ammo drops put in the next release? I've noticed about 5 areas where you can get the molotov cocktails...and 2 for the M4 and 2 for the other mg comparable to the m4 (m16) but no M60 ammo. which kind of sucks. anyone agree with me on this? maybe this has been mentioned before.

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sorry, the M16 is the one you have to get with the helicopters... at the dock and near the airport... the other one that you have to switch with is the one you find near the pink arrow inside a building and in an underground basement type of thingy... M16=M4 I could be wrong... but it surely looks like an M16 but what I want to know is if there is an M60 on the map anywhere and where to locate it...OR can the mta team put one in on the 0.4.5 release? that would be...SUPER! ;)

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yeah, or just a lot more ammo when you spawn, another question, whatever happened to the ammo bonanza that would happen when you would pick up someone else's ammo? I remember being nicely loaded...sometimes up to 10k rounds of ammo :P but nowadays you pickup someone's m60 and it only gives you 50 :(

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