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  1. TwwIX

    Passing by...

    Sorry, i don't mean to hijack your thread. Just wanted to drop in and say hi to the current community. I used to play the mod religiously with my clan in its hay day. Especially, the GTA 3 and Vice City versions. My clan, Vice City Killaz, used to be pretty big and active back in the day. We even beta tested some of the earlier versions of the mod. Lots of fond memories. Well, anyway. It's nice to see that the mod is still around. I may have to give the SA version another try. If i could only find my copy of SA.
  2. Mind you,i haven't been active in this community lately. If there are plans of a GTA 4 version of the mod,how is Windows Live going to affect its development. How mod friendly is Windows Live anyway? *going back into lurk mode
  3. It be taking awfully long alright. What gives?
  4. TwwIX

    Still lurking

    Hehe,good to know that some of you are still around. Anyway,i started playing the TF 2 beta today and i can't remember the last time i enjoyed playing a game this much. This game is pure offbeat fun.If you've pre-ordered the Orange Box too,plz let me know so that i can add you to my friends list. I Am also anxiously waiting for Blue to get released.I Am still wondering why it's taking them so long!? Oh well,as long as they release,eventually.
  5. TwwIX

    Still lurking

    Ello Ello! How's everybody doing? The community seems to have grown quite a bit. I've got to admit,i've been awfully quiet and inactive for the past two years or so. Life has taken it's toll on me. I still hop onto the forums once in awhile.In "lurk mode" though. What's the progress on Blue so far? Any of the old timers still around? VCK still alive and kicking i hope!?
  6. It's been awhile...twwixy is bored,twwixy feels the urge to spam.
  7. The pictures make me tingle in my naughty place.
  8. TwwIX

    [News] Updates

    Let there be BLUE! I is very jealous!
  9. To be honest,i got bored with the community and the game itself. Lotsa old timers left,so i left aswell.It just didn't seem to be fun anymore. I am currently waiting for the newest version to be released (Blue!?) like everybody else is.I just hope it turns out to be good as they promised. Until then,i shall lay low.
  10. Wow! What more can i say? Seriously....w00t w00t!
  11. awesome guys,simply awesome!
  12. Transformers...More than meets the eye hehe,loved the video. i am very excited about this release. by the way,quit teasing us yer fukkers!
  13. Oh noes! The 'Blogs' are taking over the World!
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