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  1. Oli

    MTA Orange release?

    This is hilarious
  2. My hosting was shut down quite a while back, not sure if I have a copy of it on my PC, have changed hard drives since then so not sure if i copied it... Jax prob has it though.. possibly!
  3. yup me too.. nice to see things are going strong though
  4. Doesn't it seem more likely it was your connection that was at fault than every mta server being attacked simultaneously? This thread makes me laugh
  5. Doesn't it seem more likely it was your connection that was at fault than every mta server being attacked simultaneously? This thread makes me laugh
  6. Well, it's a version at least, god knows if it's the latest one we did, it was so long ago I can barely remember now lol.
  7. I don't even know where this is any more to be honest, certainly isn't on the mta web server and I don't have the hard drive it was stored on any more.. maybe Jax has it *pokes Jax from far away with a very long clown pole*
  8. The scene itself is a 3D scene that is rendered in DirectX, however, the background is a mesh with the video loaded onto it as a texture and played.
  9. Oli

    Has it really been 5 years?

    Hey hey Boss, long time no speak how's tricks? i LOVED those spawn wars at the Malibu.. i had a route i used to get all the M60's on that island and then just kill everyone at the Malibu.. was awesom! But you're right, it doesn't feel like 5 years ago! madness.
  10. Oli

    A video player script?

    there isn't an html parsing gui type, so that wouldnt work.
  11. must of missed that in the pre-release briefing.. although i was very drunk then so i probably just forgot it. hmmm half an hour of work left.. totally going to the pub after this
  12. it means your game crashed, it happens, we haven't got a perfect release yet, this is a development preview. Just restart your game and hope it doesn't crash for a while
  13. Oli


    id like to see someone make a clever AI with this
  14. Oli

    What does Ping mean>

    or check out the rant i just had about pings in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=22214 oh yes.. I am THAT bored in the last 4 days of this job!
  15. When playing MTA your ping is the time it takes for 1 packet to go from your PC to the server and for 1 packet to come back to your PC from the server. It is measured in milliseconds and ideally you want a ping lower than 100ms for nice game play. As is with everything in the universe, the further something is away, the longer it takes to get there at a constant speed. Thus, the closer you are to the server, the lower your ping will be (when I say closer to the server, you have to consider the route your packets are taking - you don't want to go to a server next door via somewhere on the other side of the world!). Basically, try and play in servers in your country or continent. Please note that pings can also be affected by bandwidth usage on your machine (or the server), so if you are maxed out then your ping will go up hugely, so don't download/upload any large files while playing as this will make your ping go up.
  16. your best bet would be to read the wiki articles on this and read through some gamemode resources.
  17. i suppose we could write a restartServer() function that stops the server as if it was shutting down but instead of terminating the process it just starts the server again.. wouldnt be that hard.. although i cant do it atm as im in the process of moving house so dont really have access to the mta code base right now once ive sorted out my internet at the new flat ill see what i can do.
  18. its possible to get mtama as a subform in mIRC, but wou'd need to either change mtama itself, which is possible in the race version, or you could write a script to change the window mode of mtama
  19. Oli

    Who Farted?

    im pretty sure it was chrml but it was in #mtacrew so most of you dont know about it
  20. maybe we should get the mta team uk members down
  21. Oli

    radararea brokes

    Yes, my radar map would be able to cope with that, but I don't know how GTA's map would react to that.. never tested the scenario while developing it.
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