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    i am bored. Well...we'll see (goes back into hibernation)
  2. first...its really coincedence that i am here on the forum right now..its rather coincedence because MTA seems rather dead at the moment. (Or is it just my "not having time to play" ?) Anyway....i see it like that "people" did things after 0.3..eg changing the spawns and making things harder eg. for robbers. Without asking many of the people actually playing these times..i remember what great times i had at the old robber house/spawn... Then i heard "people" (programmers, admins) publically speaking ut AGAINST spawn wars and how dumb spawn wars are IN THEIR OPINION - and thus making the mistake to force players to play after their rules and make changes instead of co-working with players. There were a lot of people having fun at the old spawns.... spawn wars etc....locations were good in my opinion.....all this has gone downhill..now in the latest version the stubby seems like a BB gun....the last times i played i didnt even HIT anyone, it felt like they were lagging but they were not. Its kind of weird if you shoot someone head on for MANY times, someone who pings in the 50s...and NOTHING happens. dont know what else to say...i really hardly have time to play MTA...and yes, i am also waiting for new versions
  3. yes. it was good. It was fun. Servers were great. Cool people online.
  4. GREAT version !! Its actually playable, MUCH smoother, and 99% less crashes than i had before ! Just wish we had better spwans, i still dont like phil's place as robber spawn....but game itself is MUCH better/playable than 0.41...
  5. Lara C.

    MTA Error Report Tool

    29 actually, number 2 in the rankings, "jani" is #1 with 43 reports.eAi hey...#2....and i did only play a few hours or so yesterday...now you probably understand my crankiness is there any valuable information in the reports ? Edit: i had quite a few where i didnt see the ERT-box waiting for my "ok"...and it just came up with the browser and i submitted without a comment. I dont know whether these actually created reports or were just skipped. Btw. if you have any list of te information etc. would ike to see it. As it looks...my changing the gfx-drivers and turning off certain driver options did NOT prevent me from crashing (as i assumed a week ago or so)..actually i even had more crashes yesterday than usual. (Which is/was 'good' since i wanted it to crash for the ERT). I am kinda on wit's end what it could be. Btw. does the ERT also report gtvc-settings, eg graphics and sound-settings etc. ? Edit2" I very much appreciate your efforts and everything...i was quiet surprised getting an email by mrbump replying to one of my ERT-comments...which makes me think you guys actually really care about your program and want to resolve any issues.
  6. NOONE is playing GTA3 anyway - why are you developing for it ?
  7. Lara C.

    MTA Error Report Tool

    i submitted 20 or so i had in the last 1 or 2 hours...just to let you know
  8. i used to..now i curse at every person online with a ping higher than 150...its totally unplayable.
  9. literally ! >>> if it IS driver/settings related, then why isn't there any difference for me when i change settings or drivers? still the same crashes once in a long while (never had much anyway) >>> if it only would be "once in a while" i would NOT complain...very well aware that MTA is still in beta, and free and everything. But i got crashes like 8 out of 10 deaths/respawns.... I played on friday for 2 hours or so and only crashed ONCE..usually i would have crashed already 30 or 40, maybe more times in that time. It must have to do with the driver settings (esp. fastwrites)...anyway i was on a smaler server (offcial #1 i think)...and probably needs more testing on a bigger server....but i was just amazed to die and respawn for 2 hours straight and not have any crashes/freezes. (This was, as said, after i replaced my ATI drivers with the Omega drivers and turned off fastwrites, as he suggests.) The weird thing is..i do not have ANY, ANY issues with any other game on my PC
  10. hi, i just wanted to say that i changed my graphics drivers (ATI 9800 Pro) and i was trying the Omega drivers and also switched off the fast-write option - and i dont crash anymore !!! (Or only had one crash in 2 hours or so) It seems that 0.41 is more sensitive than 0.3..anyway...its ATI driverr/settings related ! cya
  11. gametypes - who gives a XXX i think it would be nice if we have new characters, customizable characters with new skins. More to chose from, more classes, occupations and also weapons. This alone would give a huge boost for the whole game becasue every char can be different. AND: configurable spawns. Move the spawn point for (eg.) robber ANYWHERE on the map. I hate being forced at certain spawns. and....FINALLY..JUST get rid of al the glitches and bugs and stuff not synced and weapons hitting the target is merely random...it should be game where the best skills give you an advantage and not like a LOTTERY game..eg. shooting someone with m60 for hours and nothing happens etc... Add/Edit: SYNC, SYNC, SYNC *everything* There's no point in stuff happening only on the local computer (I think bandwith shouldnt be an issue)
  12. before we're talking about 'extended games' like CTF, weapons, vehicles etc...r.. - i think its very important that some basic ESSENTIAL things would be available (as mods ?)....in my opinion character selection/skins...so FINALLY, FINALLY people should be able to create their own characters. - configurable SPAWNS. There should be a way to set spawn points for certain classes. (Proably on server side...eg. if you log in as robber you will always spawn at XXX and not at YYY because YYY sucks...etc. ) All other mods..well let your imagination play...the possibilites are endless...i dont even know where to start...
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