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GeForce FX 5900 - 5950 Ultra ?


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i was thinking of upgrading my graphics card especially for the purpose of playing MTA coz i love it so much...........

i wonderd if anyone here has one of these Cards and could do me a favour of posting some screen shots of Vice City (MTA) so i could see what the quality of the game looks like compared to my current Card...

also, state the specifications of your card (brand name etc)

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Well, the 5900's and 5950's are good, but I'd recommend a 9800 XT or Pro. Technically it's all the same, but from my experiences, ATI is a little more reliable than FX. I'd say it's almost a 50/50 though, so it's not much of a difference.

5950 and 9800 XT is the best you can buy, whichever one you get is your choice; but I'd go with the 9800 XT.

And if you just want a card for your PC, a 5950 is a little overkill. A 9700 ATI or a 5600 FX would be good, also keep in mind your RAM and CPU speed; video card isn't everything.

Personally I have a 5600 Ultra and a 1.8 GHZ, I play at 1024 x 768 with 8X AF and 2X AA in MTA, and I get 40+ frame rates. In single player, with those settings, over 60. In single player, 8X AA and 8X AF at 1024 x 768, I get 40+.

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no need to even get a 9800 from what i've seen, i recently got a 9600 256mb pro for $150, and it runs everything at 60 fps lol...why spend 250 bucks more eh

minus gta/mta of course, friggin crashes if it goes 45+ frames on all my systems, so i have to use frame limiter

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um, theres no such thing as overkill in video cards.

im pretty sure he wants to play games other than gtavc in the future.

ill post screens later

i got an fx5950 and im satisfied with it. im able to play vc and ut2k4 @ 1280x1024x32 w/ every setting on the highest possible and @ 8x aa and anistrofic filtering

i perfer nVidia over ATi because i 1st had an nvidia and my friend w/ an ati had alot of problems with his drivers and directx, so that was a bad 1st impression for me

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Everything on my PC has been upgraded apart from the Graphic card (And the Modem, still waiting for Broadband, dammit, not relevant). Run GTA:VC on a GForce2, run fine but i think its time for an upgrade too (Just so I can run Doom 3, Half Life 2, Driver 3, Splinter Cell: P.T, GTA: S.A ect, ect.)

I doubt it was my Graphics card anywho, everything was slow with 256 Megs of RAM and the CPU kept over heating. So I Nuked the problem a shoved in a rather large 1 Gig RAM chip in and its solved all problems.

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the video card does not do much to make the quality of image any better... so basically, no it wont look better than an xbox, that being said, nicer cards will allow you to do things such as Full screen anti aliasing, and Antisoptric filtering, which makes it look better than perhaps other pc's... but this does not create higher res textures or anything along those lines.


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kent wth? yes the pc version will look better than the xbox! the xbox is on a TV!! usually its analog RCA/RF signal and its all blurry and stuff, and @ 420x380 (or 640x480 wtvr) compared to pcs @ uhh.. more resolution.

kent u confused me am i arguing for the right point?

and btw i 4got bout the screen, lately ive been busy, ill try 2 post 1 later on if i can

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KFC Superman aka XCripsy has a 5600 ultra 256mb card and he can run the game at the highest res possible... but

He also has a 1 gig pentium so his textures load very slow. So it is a combo between the two clearly

I have a 5200 ultra 128mb in a 3 gig pentium and it rocks at any resolution and a gig of memory too so it's not all videocard and I wouldn't spend all the money for the best card available because it is more than likely an inflated price... better off getting a slower vidcard and save the cash or buy more memory

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i do find my 9600 atlantis works like a charm,

i have 4x AA and 16xaf (set to quality not performance) and vice city looks amazing, can't play it without aa anymore, and if u play on the ps2 after the pc one you just get disapointed

well i haven't tested the framerates, but it feels so smooth

1024x768x32 on a PIII 800 with only 256mb of ram

word of advice tho, if your gonna go budget, don't get an ATI budget card, i used to have a 9200se, and vice city was a little choppy in 800x600x32 without any antialaising turned on, the geforce ones are better budget cards in my opinion although with some 9800 se's you can 'unlocked it' to a normal 9800 speed for free, or so i've read

also halo and other things i've tried work no problem, command and conquer generals gets a little bit iffy with good graphics, but i think the min spec for that is a 1.2 which mine is way below, recommened like 2gig so can't blame the video card for that

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well i haven't tested the framerates, but it feels so smooth

1024x768x32 on a PIII 800 with only 256mb of ram

lol... 4X AA and 16X AF at 1024x768x32 on an 800 mHZ with 256 MB of Ram with a 9600?

I have a 5600-Ultra (Equivalent of a 9600/Pro), 1.4 GHZ, and 1 gig of RAM and with those settings MTA isn't even close to being "smooth". Vice City single player, yes, always above 50. Multi Theft Auto is a different story. If no one is in the server, yes, above 60. If it has up to around 10 people, it's anywhere from 40 to 50 or 60. Anything above 10 (Around 20 people), it hits about the 30's and 40's.

You have a bad sense of 'smooth'.

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i dunno, seems fine here, gtat seems smooth but gets laggy when there are a lot of people around

i have rambus memory, praps that helps? + intel mobo

but isn't the AA more of the card and not the computer? i wouldn't of thought AA would affect the graphics because its only done inside the card, probably some kind of freak occurance :P

my explanation of smooth is if everything doesn't jump or anything, like if you can spin around and it feels like its smooth with nothing jerky or anything, probably running a lower frame rate, be nice if mta came with a fps coutner ;)

in sp tho if i spawn tons of golf carts and tanks and they all fall in a beautiful exploding manner, it does tend to slow down incredibly then lock up the computer...

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everyones differen't on their preferences, my eyes suck, even with contacts i can barely drive legally lmao So yeah, the difference between 800x600 and 1024x768...i can't even tell when it comes to games, so older cards do me just fine, i guess it depends on whos buying :|

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