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  1. It seems to me that the developers are spending to much time developing parts of the game that are not needed. I feel they should be concentrating firstly on making a game that lets us do the basics and then introduce race's etc on updates, would save alot of waiting around. one of the demos I saw showed vehicles changing each time they went through the red beems (dont know the correct terminolgy) this to me seems a total waste of time to the kind of work that really needs to be done to get the ball rolling. I for one was a keen player of mta vc since version 3.x came out but I have lost intrest over the last 5 months waiting for new updates , theres only so much you can take of a game untill you get bored. thought id come in and rant and rave as I have nothing else better to do with my time.
  2. Im sick to death of asking admins to change the weather to sun or daylight everytime i play the game when it rains my games lags up when its dark i cant even see my skin whats the point in playing this anymore its driving me mad and ive been playing since 0.2 nearly everytime i log into a server its always dark....why would anyone want to play in the dark when you cant see shit this weather feature has totally destroyed the game and made it alot less user friendly. i hope to god you do something about this in the next update. still checking the site everyday waiting for that update..............
  3. I havent posted here in a very long time and only do when something really bothers me and i gotta say the new weather option totally sucks, i mean sometimes its so dark i cant see a thing, what the hell is that all about, why cant it be sunny all the time like it was before? please i beg you to change it back to the old setting! other than that the game rocks.
  4. the looking behind thing seems to be helping....but of course the odd crash is still expected....but the strange thing is, its only that bridge on prawn island and in that direction towards ammo nation.... i have no problems with any other bridge crossing...... once i have made that first crossing, i seem to be able to cross it as many times as i like with out a problem, so its the only first crossing of the game as i spawn from the robber location.
  5. 512/256 DSL connection, 1700 xp athlon, 1gb DDR, geforce 2 (64mb) whats this NO CD thing ? is it a crack or something?
  6. this is usally in bike or car and it also happpens in heli.... i have found if i can pic up speed fast enough on the bike, it sometimes helps....
  7. how come my game nearly always crashes when im going over the bridge from the robbers house at prawn island towards ammo nation....some servers this dosent happen, but on others it happens repeatedly....it seems to be the only place i have a real problem with. sometimes i can get around the problem by going in the other direction towards the beach....but that means driving all the way across the other side? does anyone else experience this?
  8. i have noticed one or two people when they get shot with a stubby they do not fall to the ground.... whats that all about , is this some kind of hack
  9. Sometimes while playing MTA, when the action goes a bit quiet , i look towards the radar as a guide, i sometimes find this misleading and end up heading into a no action zone, so i had an idea......... what if there was some kinda command that would head you in the right direction towards the highest populated areas of gameplay? also..... i notice sometimes the characters speak during game play........what if there was a command where you could trigger these voices in situations where you wanted to get someones attention. (i noticed they had this function in Medal of Honour) no biggies, just my 2 cents......
  10. ok seeing no one is botherd to post screen shots (which is a shame) Question: would it look as good as the xbox version? if you have a RADEON 9800 or something similar i would be intrested in seeing that to.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys , looking forward to seeing those Screenshots im also running a geforce 2 and want to see what im missing out on.
  12. i was thinking of upgrading my graphics card especially for the purpose of playing MTA coz i love it so much........... i wonderd if anyone here has one of these Cards and could do me a favour of posting some screen shots of Vice City (MTA) so i could see what the quality of the game looks like compared to my current Card... also, state the specifications of your card (brand name etc)
  13. subdcon


    it seems to me that there are to many users with HIGH PINGS on servers which are not even in there country , these type of players spoil the game for everyone else as they are virtually impossible to kill and have an unfair advantage... i feel that there should be some kind of system that stops users connecting to a server which has a ping out of a certain range .... im sick of these 56k dial up account users from the jungle in africa. this would stop alot of people SHOUTING CHEAT!!!!!
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