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  1. Yeah, I do see that all the time.
  2. Well, from what I've gathered it's supposed to be modern times.
  3. Never seen anyone spawn cars before...
  4. If you have a mic you can connect to TeamSpeak and yell really loud. I'm kidding about the yelling part. It may be semi-confidential, but if all else fails, send me a PM.
  5. utopia you used to be a noob. and you still are. Hey Driver I'll race you, or fly a heli against you, or whatever you want to call it...
  6. I didn't even know there was an original.. Usually the originals are better, take Flubber for example. Anyway is it like 28 Days? That movie was lame-o.
  7. Well it's definitely a good idea to keep both in there. It just seems more... Grand Theft Auto-like to show the amount of money, rather than just frags. Although it'd still have to show the amount of frags just to keep the multiplayer spirit alive.
  8. Dystopia, isn't it weird that our names are alike and we both started MTA at the same time?
  9. Prophet you used to be funny. Now you're just stupid. And with that, I report the entire [KKK] clan cheaters. They had a huge cheat-trading ring going on a few nights ago and they constantly come in the servers with speedhacks/invulnerability.
  10. I remember co-op in Quake 2. That is some fun stuff, but no one ever played it really.
  11. Yeah we had a discussion about this (Jo and I) I'll elaborate some more. Whenever you hit F11, instead of showing the number of Frags under the score, it shows an amount of money. Also, certain gun kills will reward you with more money than others. Whereas car or heli kills reward you with a minimal amount, Stubby's more money, M60's more money, and maybe even the Colt or Python give the most since they're the hardest to kill with. Even if the money is useless, it just makes the scoring more... Accurate. For instance, the guy owning all with a Colt or Stubby should technically have more score than a guy slicing people up with a helicopter. As it stands now, a kill is a kill, rendering the scoring system a little unbalanced, depending on how you want to look at it.
  12. I haven't. But I hope to. I'll get on IRC and find it tonight! Heh, just kidding. Is it still in theaters?
  13. Just change the car ID in the handling.cfg to IS_HELI.. Voi la, a hover car. I was watching some GTA 3 MTA videos yesterday and I noticed there were peds. Walking peds, and even ped cars. Well why did they work in GTA3 (it was a really old version of GTA3:MTA) and not in VC?...
  14. There's not really much to it. It's more luck than skill. (Luck, as in you're lucky that their game is showing you shooting, as opposed to just standing there...)
  15. Your firewall prevents you from joining servers? Never seen that problem before. I've had both Linksys and D-Link routers with firewalls. Oh well, I guess you might have a different type of firewall. By the way, some servers run on port 3003.
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