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  1. Very Nice Video... I really loved them stunts & editing! What program did you use to edit? Adobe Premiere?
  2. sorry, but I still believe this free hosting business is shit.. Not that I don't thank you guys for the "free hosting"... but there must be another way? I guess eithor-way its cool?....
  3. See, some people say, "gameplay is what counts," others say its the graphics, (me) and many others. I agree 100% that I have spent more money on my gaming machine then a gd xbox, ps2, or a game-cube. I say that two versions should be made (since sp2 just has to have so many gd morons who can't use a pc worth shiot). I'd like to use Doom 3 as an example here... Some people have the low specs for this game and it will run, but it will look like complete shiot. I personally say you shouldn't own this game unless you play it at its full potential, which is the graphics. (they did a nice job on the gameplay anyways..) A computer is great for the graphics. -Else get urself a consol- (Its ment to do more then a consol and it sure as hell can take more stress then consol.)... Why must we play a game that can have much better graphics and actually stress our graphics cards? If anything, be like doom 3 and make the graphics so much better and then for all the people that can't use a pc, give them the crappy lookin graphics on their consols... If non of this made sence to you, which I probably did make many mistakes in this reply, don't flame me for my opinions
  4. Thanks, I currently have Stunt Mania 1, 2, 3, and Unleashed... all on The Gamers Alliance Now... Labled as followed: Stunt Mania Stunt Mania 2 Stunt Mania 3 Stunt Mania 4 (Still Missing) Stunt Mania Unleashed (I will post links sortly* I'd also like to see my perfect video again 2)
  5. I really appreciate someone wanting to see my other videos I know I lost all my videos... (even a never released one) I do know there is a Stunt Mania 3 over at FilePlanet! I might have backed them up to a cd (I will search for it and upload them to a server) I would really appreciate it if someone else could find my videos!
  6. There is a difference between being a good one and a bad one a$$.
  7. I would always be glad to help.. I have been working with photoshop for 4-5 years now.. (I taught myself & in the beginning it was a very stressful thing to overcome) Here is some of my work. (or shall I say style) I hope you enjoyed my images. 'heh'
  8. Yes, perhaps the MTA Screenies/Movies Forum is about to come back to life again? From some other topics I have read, it seems it is about possible to have everyone comming back and doing even more videos! I maybe have started something good with comming out with this old sko0l video. I can't wait to see some more videos from you guys! -Thanks for the comments on my video, I knew it wasn't the best, and yes I did put a lot of editing effort into it, I just wish most of you would spend a hour extra listening to the songs and the syncing of ur stunts (some of my stunts sucked, I know.... but at least I looked good doing it.. lol. It only took about 4 days and 35 stunts, (which u can see I rushed it.. btw) Edit: I made this video with Fraps 2 & Windows Movie Maker 2.1. (I can easily make a good edited video with the old skool editors.)
  9. Yes, if you have seen any of the Stunt Mania(s), you might remember me ... I made this for the old fans (& perhaps new ones) -Enjoy This video does have some original stunts, and seems a bit short, I did not get all the stunts in that I personally wanted to, but thats ok. Please remember, I like to keep some realism in my videos. (so if you think some of the tricks are lame, then try thinking of it like *could this be done in real life* ?) (Size: 32MB Quality: High) Link: http://www.icedogg.net/LBtrw/Videos/Stu ... eashed.wmv
  10. Here is a Desktop Version: (I think it looks better personally) 1024x768: http://www.icedogg.net/LBtrw/Images/MTA%20Desktop.gif Nothing difficult but professional: (I will not give up on you yet MTA)
  11. Its alright, I personally liked the music at first, but now I don't find it appealing anymore. (or at least its not my style)... I was just bored... found a song, and synced it.
  12. "celeron2.80ghz" sorry but u got ripped there...
  13. Alright, calm the fux down ppl... jeeze... He realizes that the music was not the greatest in the world, but wut can u expect from a new movie maker... rather then criticize him about it 20 damn spamed times... why not try to give him some more confidence about making more and yet better videos. bishes.
  14. Yea, sorry about that... I just figured here since this is where most videos are.... I hope you all liked it.
  15. Yes, its been a very long time since I ever made a video..... well about 2 months ago I was playing (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3) and decided to make a video out of it. sry... its not Vice City. Here is the link: (I tried to keep realism in the video) (you should see me pwn @ THPS3) I have a few more videos that I never released.. I just gotta find them... Time to let the public see wut I've been up 2 in the past few months...
  16. yes, they do need to be 256 colors... actually I thought it was less.. because I made a "xp loading screen" that was pretty cool, accept I had to turn it into 16 colors or w/e and it looked horrible. So I just trashed it.
  17. Thank you, lmfao No, I don't get payed... I wish... I am only 17, hopeing for a career in Computer art... otherwise known as photoshop lmfao.
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