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  1. Very Nice Video... I really loved them stunts & editing! What program did you use to edit? Adobe Premiere?
  2. sorry, but I still believe this free hosting business is shit.. Not that I don't thank you guys for the "free hosting"... but there must be another way? I guess eithor-way its cool?....
  3. See, some people say, "gameplay is what counts," others say its the graphics, (me) and many others. I agree 100% that I have spent more money on my gaming machine then a gd xbox, ps2, or a game-cube. I say that two versions should be made (since sp2 just has to have so many gd morons who can't use a pc worth shiot). I'd like to use Doom 3 as an example here... Some people have the low specs for this game and it will run, but it will look like complete shiot. I personally say you shouldn't own this game unless you play it at its full potential, which is the graphics. (they did a nice job on the gameplay anyways..) A computer is great for the graphics. -Else get urself a consol- (Its ment to do more then a consol and it sure as hell can take more stress then consol.)... Why must we play a game that can have much better graphics and actually stress our graphics cards? If anything, be like doom 3 and make the graphics so much better and then for all the people that can't use a pc, give them the crappy lookin graphics on their consols... If non of this made sence to you, which I probably did make many mistakes in this reply, don't flame me for my opinions
  4. Thanks, I currently have Stunt Mania 1, 2, 3, and Unleashed... all on The Gamers Alliance Now... Labled as followed: Stunt Mania Stunt Mania 2 Stunt Mania 3 Stunt Mania 4 (Still Missing) Stunt Mania Unleashed (I will post links sortly* I'd also like to see my perfect video again 2)
  5. I really appreciate someone wanting to see my other videos I know I lost all my videos... (even a never released one) I do know there is a Stunt Mania 3 over at FilePlanet! I might have backed them up to a cd (I will search for it and upload them to a server) I would really appreciate it if someone else could find my videos!
  6. There is a difference between being a good one and a bad one a$$.
  7. I would always be glad to help.. I have been working with photoshop for 4-5 years now.. (I taught myself & in the beginning it was a very stressful thing to overcome) Here is some of my work. (or shall I say style) I hope you enjoyed my images. 'heh'
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