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GeForce FX 5900 - 5950 Ultra ?


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Could be, but it's one of them...they are making HL2 compessed, or somthing like that, so they squeeze all the excess stuff that will slow down low spec comps :wink:

I heard that they'd "designed it with an 800MHz machine in mind", whatever "designing in mind" means.

If you're talking about that new model compression technology (where you build it in high quality, compress it and then decompress it with no quality loss (or something like that)), that's also being used in Doom 3 as well.

Btw, these are the specs for DNF (from ages ago):

You'll need a video card with pixel shaders. A GeForce 3 could be the minimum card - and ideally you'll want something like the latest ATI or nVidia card. Broussard wrote that game will probably run on a GeForce 1 or 2 - but you're not going to want to play it that way. As for CPU speed: The faster the better. Broussard wrote that a 1Ghz machine is pretty slow these days - and that you're probably going to want a 2 GHz or better processor.
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