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[VCEC] Vice City Emergency Clan/Crew

Some info:

1- Cop, secret service, and crusader(when its fixed) only.

2- No cheats... Only custom car models are allowed, as long as physics arent affected. [VCEC] is not going to show anyone what so ever where any MTA cracks are. We do not want to know you have craked mta files.

3- Based on your performance in the crew, you may ask for certain personal property, like a car, or a house. Just since there isnt a tryout, we will just use this to motivate yourself. If you are caught driving/using/taking(stealing) another member's property without consent will result in a kick from the group.

4- Do not kill anyone, unless you are attacked, or you are stopping a large fight or something... lol

5- Adding to the property, remember that emergency vehicles are our property. You are assigned a vehicle, you are responsible for it, if it gets stolen, then we are going to have to steal some "property" . If you don't have any, you won't be getting any.

Just trying to make this as real as possible, not strict. Post any suggestions or what not. Just trying to make this as real as possible, not strict. Post any suggestions or what not.



1- No cheats or hacks.

2- Only use Cop, Secret Service, or Crusader on Deathmatch.

3- Do not kill unless you are attacked.

4- You are on payroll (see below for more info). Destruction of police vehicles when not in a chase or battle will deduct from it.

Some mods are allowed. The only conversion mod we allow is Vice City Deluxe. No other complete conversion mods allowed.

You may use custom car models, only if speed is not affected. If you are caught doing so, you will be kicked.

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(20:40:24) (%rebel) st Zircon

(20:40:26) (%rebel) ;s

(20:40:42) (Zircon) st?

(20:40:43) (%rebel) and obey the onions

(20:40:47) (%rebel) sleep tight

(20:41:00) (Zircon) huh?

(20:41:02) (%rebel) you aint going to bed?

(20:41:03) (Zircon) i just said that

(20:41:06) (%rebel) blah

(20:41:09) (Zircon) (BNW-Bunny101) goodnight kids...

(20:41:14) (Zircon) pay attention

(20:41:17) (%Gamefreek) yeah

(20:41:19) (%Gamefreek) come on man!

(20:41:19) (%rebel) ah NEVAH

(20:41:19) —› mode: (MrBump) sets (+b *[email protected])

(20:41:19) —› this (*[email protected]) ban affects (%rebel)

(20:41:19) —› kick: (rebel) was kicked by (MrBump) (*** No need to Flood! *** Ban Number: 2 *>120 Second Ban< Hotdogs eaten: 506)

(20:41:20) —› mode: (MrBump) sets (+b *[email protected])

(20:41:20) —› this (*[email protected]) ban affects (Zircon)

(20:41:20) —› kick: (Zircon) was kicked by (MrBump) (*** No need to Flood! *** Ban Number: 1 *>60 Second Ban< Hotdogs eaten: 507)

(20:41:23) (%Gamefreek) rofl

(20:41:26) (%Gamefreek) owned

^^ Bump is teh laggy

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pfft Ransom you tard.

(20:02:45) (Master73) Read the god dam dictionary Gamefreek

(20:02:56) (Zircon) so you thought gamefreek lived on one of jupiter's moons?

(20:03:00) (%Gamefreek) why shold i?

(20:03:03) (%Gamefreek) gah should*

dont cut parts out :wink:

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Long, but maybe some people who were on the IRC server earlier will remember this guy. :o

(Tue 7:06:49 PM) (%Ransom) you're on a roll master73

(Tue 7:07:03 PM) (%Ransom) banned from forums, 1 mta team member HATES you and 2 half ops are flat out annoyed and wanna ban you, keep going

(Tue 7:08:28 PM) (%Ransom) bah i better stop bein such an ahole this MUST be a young kid (if he denies that im just gonna let him have it)

(Tue 7:08:41 PM) (&Oli) lolz

(Tue 7:08:43 PM) (Master73) Same here

(Tue 7:08:57 PM) (%Gamefreek) ....

(Tue 7:09:12 PM) (Zircon) what?

(Tue 7:09:27 PM) (&MrBump) let him have what?

(Tue 7:09:32 PM) (Master73) Every1 I will not be an asshole. I will be a K.I.N.G (GTA3 radio in GAME RADIO called I'm a K.I.N.G)

(Tue 7:09:38 PM) (&MrBump) dont give him a piece of your mind. You can;t spare that

(Tue 7:09:41 PM) (Zircon) rofl

(Tue 7:09:47 PM) (%Gamefreek) haha

(Tue 7:10:08 PM) (Master73) Rather be MrBump be the Master of the universe

(Tue 7:10:30 PM) (&Oli) i dont get this guy lol

(Tue 7:10:31 PM) (%Gamefreek) Dude what are you on? You are making no sense whatsoever

(Tue 7:10:35 PM) (%Ransom) haha

(Tue 7:10:40 PM) (Master73) Ok

(Tue 7:10:42 PM) (Master73) Ill make sence

(Tue 7:10:45 PM) (%Gamefreek) sense*

(Tue 7:10:46 PM) (%Ransom) i was gonna say thoughts but nice cut in

(Tue 7:10:58 PM) (&Oli) :P

(Tue 7:11:05 PM) (Master73) Maybe I rather let MrBump become the mster of the universe

(Tue 7:11:06 PM) (Zircon) stop smoking rocks and you will make sense, one day

(Tue 7:11:07 PM) (Master73) Does it make sence

(Tue 7:11:14 PM) (Master73) Sense

(Tue 7:11:22 PM) (%Ransom) lol

(Tue 7:11:31 PM) (&Oli) nope i still dont get it

(Tue 7:11:34 PM) (%Ransom) yes thats it zircon, its drugs. i get it now

(Tue 7:11:39 PM) (%Ransom) stop riding the white pony man

(Tue 7:11:46 PM) (%Ransom) you've been on it way too long

(Tue 7:16:56 PM) (&MrBump) Master73 you have TWO warnings for being Educationally Subnormal. Accrueing three will result in a channel BAN
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